A Hug is a Gourmet Meal

July 31, 2006

Research tells us that the offspring of wild animals will die if their mother doesn’t lick, cuddle, and play with them. Yes, even the mighty lioness must stroke her cubs, or they die. Have you ever watched how affectionate primates are? They can sit and groom each other for hours on end. It’s the touching of each other that gives the contentment.


The skin is our biggest organ. It’s just loaded with nerve endings to convey the sense of touch to us. Even the slightest breeze causes a reaction. Human babies have the same needs as wild animals. If they are never touched, we have what is referred to as “skin hunger”.


We must keep reaching out to friends and be open to hugs.


Hugging assures my emotional well-being.






When I wake up feeling blah, I dress in my favorite outfit.

Yes, even wonderful you can have a blah day. On a blah day you wake up, but don’t want to get up. Nothing hurts. You just feel blah. No headache, no stomachache – just blah. You can’t even come up with an excuse for it. But it is a real feeling.

You know you can’t give in to the blahs because you have things to do. Lie there a little longer and decide what your favorite outfit is. It may be a little dressier than what you usually wear, but as long as it isn’t sequins and lace, be a little dressy today. Now you are ready to venture out of bed.


Wear your sensible heels with an adequate toe width and comfort for your feet. Take your time dressing and putting on your makeup. Imagine that you’re going to meet that person you’ve always admired from afar – man or woman. You’ve appreciated the person’s strength, and it has often motivated you. You reach your destination, and everyone compliments you on how good you look. Sincere compliments always boost your morale.

Someone asks, “What’s the occasion?” And you reply with an affirmation: Today I’m giving myself the gift of being the best me I can be.

Letting Go

July 29, 2006


When I first travelled, I packed so many changes of clothes – maybe it will be warm or cool, formal or informal – that I could hardly carry the suitcases. Some people lug so much hurt and anger with them wherever they go, I am amazed they can lift it at all.

How heavy are your emotional suitcases? Unzip one of them, and examine the bricks and rocks and logs that make up the load. Perhaps someone provoked you to anger when you were a child. Perhaps in high school and into adulthood some disappointment festered into a large chip. Or maybe you haul a load of kindling wood that can be used as fuel for others to ignite.

Think of the wasted energy that has been used to carry this baggage. Or picture the constant frowns and contorted faces that are required to sustain the effort. Next time watch the face of someone struggling with a load or large package; over the years such frowns can become permanent. Age can bring on its own wrinkles, but why exacerbate the process? This load can also give you worries, and they lead to ulcers, sickness, and other ugly pains. Let it go. Holding on won’t hurt the other person. It hurts only you.

I will leave behind hurts and anger to make my load lighter.

This journal will light my way up the path of wisdom and confidence. I will no longer be on that indecision fence. I will be taking sure, honest steps of maturity & I will be saying out loud, “I love being me.”