The Gift of Being the Best Me

July 30, 2006

When I wake up feeling blah, I dress in my favorite outfit.

Yes, even wonderful you can have a blah day. On a blah day you wake up, but don’t want to get up. Nothing hurts. You just feel blah. No headache, no stomachache – just blah. You can’t even come up with an excuse for it. But it is a real feeling.

You know you can’t give in to the blahs because you have things to do. Lie there a little longer and decide what your favorite outfit is. It may be a little dressier than what you usually wear, but as long as it isn’t sequins and lace, be a little dressy today. Now you are ready to venture out of bed.


Wear your sensible heels with an adequate toe width and comfort for your feet. Take your time dressing and putting on your makeup. Imagine that you’re going to meet that person you’ve always admired from afar – man or woman. You’ve appreciated the person’s strength, and it has often motivated you. You reach your destination, and everyone compliments you on how good you look. Sincere compliments always boost your morale.

Someone asks, “What’s the occasion?” And you reply with an affirmation: Today I’m giving myself the gift of being the best me I can be.


3 Responses to “The Gift of Being the Best Me”

  1. You know something. I think you are the best ‘Me’ you can be. That’s a really nice post. I love it. 😉

    I know.. that I can be & I will be the best ‘Me’.. Lots of Thanx & HUGS! 🙂

    [Worried about that Yak though … I think it’s a Brady!] 🙂

    Hehe.. 😆

  2. Che-Cheh Says:

    I was feeling the blah this morning. It was raining and my bed was calling me. In the end I wake up and come to work. Ahh monday blues!

    Most people I know don’t like Mondays.. I always tell them to refer to it as the day before Tuesdays.. 😆

  3. fashionasia Says:

    sometimes when i wake up feeling blah….my favourite clothes will become blah too!! and they make me look fat!

    Welcome Fashionasia.. I know what you mean. That always happens when we don’t feel like going to work. 😆

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