I’ll get my Ph.D. in Rest

August 5, 2006

I love Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays. They are my days of rest. 🙂 

I am a professional when it comes to resting. I’m serious. I’m known as a “bed person”. It’s a very elite group, but I’m out to increase membership. I’ve recruited many. All you have to do is to follow my ten-step program. I have had many years of experience, hence my Ph.D.

My mother used to tell me that I would never die tired.

Today my phone stays on my bed. I must say that I have a very good bed. It’s a pillow-top king-sized bed. You don’t need all of that, but you must be comfy.


Rules & regulations:

  1. Get over feeling guilty about being in bed during the day.
  2. You must be organized to accrue free time. You get no “bed points” if you’re in bed thinking about what you should be doing. Only a clear conscience is allowed in bed.
  3. Even if you have only one hour, grab one hour of bed rest.
  4. Get out of binding clothes. No restriction of blood vessels is allowed. No bras, belts, panty hose, or jewelry.bed3.jpg
  5. Resting in a chair doesn’t count. Only resting in bed is valid.
  6. Note: Rest is not sleep, but body rest.
  7. Don’t think of rest as “wasted time”. It’s healing time.
  8. You can turn on the radio, music, or TV if the silence scares you.
  9. If you can, work in bed. For example, you can balance your checkbook, plan events, make business calls and so forth.


  10. The goal is for your body to slow down for a while. Let yourself breathe, and let your blood circulate without gravity pulling on your body.

Now take the pledge: “I, [your name], promise as a Bed Buddy to follow rules 1 through 10. I will strive to be a faithful Bed Buddy.”


Welcome to my club. You are now Jemima’s Bed Buddy!





10 Responses to “I’ll get my Ph.D. in Rest”

  1. Nicktay Says:

    i am a bed buddy 🙂

    Good on you! I’m happy to know that.. 😀

  2. Gab Says:

    *high five*

    *high five* 😀

    “I, Gabrielle, promise as a Bed Buddy to follow rules 1 through 10. I will strive to be a faithful Bed Buddy.”

    Well Done! I’m very proud to have you as a member of my club.. 😉

    I so need to laze in the bed whole day. Call me a pig, but that’s what I am. *LOL* I can do anything in the bed, except eating and studying. So nice isn’t it? Instead of going out town, dust and pollution. Me and my bed…

    Yep.. I couldn’t agree more. You’re definitely a bed buddy..  Let’s have a sleepover one day.. 🙂

  3. Kyels Says:

    I’m a bed buddy too!

    Hey! Another bed buddy. Welcome! 

    Thanks for droppin’ by my blog. And I’ll link you up if you don’t mind.


    I really like your blog. Your posts are very soulful. WOW! To be linked on your blog, the honour is all mine. Thank you. 🙂

    Btw, can you please teach me how to share music & songs on the blog? One of these days, I would like to be able to share a song or two with everybody. Thanks. 😀 

  4. Waaah! Some of us have so much work on, that we don’t get the privaledge of living in bed! Waaaaaah!

    Ohhh.. come on, Dabs!  Rule no.3 says “Even if you have only one hour, grab one hour of bed rest.” I’m sure you have at least an hour to spare. 😦

    Besides, we all know you’re Superman aka Superdabido & hence you don’t need a bed. 😆

  5. Che-Cheh Says:

    Hey me too! I love my bed so much so that I even eat on my bed. Hahahaha *not always

    Hehe.. Che-Cheh is another bed buddy. 😉

  6. Keropok Says:

    I am an avowed member.

    Haha.. another bed buddy! 😆

    Rejoice, oh rejoice… I had been looking for bed-buddies for God-knows-how-long!!!

    I’m rejoicing ‘cos another ManUtd fan is gracing my blog. 😀

    Thanks for dropping in & do come by again soon. 😉

  7. Gallivanter Says:

    Me on the other hand, shall sleep when I’m dead. 😛

    Hahaha.. looks like you’re another Superman. 😉

    Btw, welcome to my blog & do drop by again soon. 😀

  8. moz monster Says:

    *sigh* … I wish I could join … I’m a bed buddy wannabe. My job prevents that from me fulfilling it ….

    Ohhhh.. not even for an hour??? 😦

    *feeling torn inside* …

    Here’s a big HUG just for you.. to make you feel better. 🙂

  9. Keropok Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Jemima…

    You’re welcome.. 😉

    Come by any more often and I will have to add you to my link list…

    I’ve already added you to mine.. 😀

  10. Lil Says:

    i totally agree that guilt should never have a place when resting in bed… i always take 15 minutes me-time in the morning, no rushing out, just lying there listening to the morning radio, stretch a little and burrow a little deeper maybe… that’s blissful! 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by my blog, Lil. 🙂

    Yes, that’s indeed blissful. hehe 😀

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