Give Yourself A Bouquet of Fresh Flowers

August 24, 2006

Moz did a post on Australian flowers for me and Angel . I was very touched by his gesture. I told him that it’s not everyday that I get flowers from a thoughtful friend. 🙂


Like many other ladies, I love to receive flowers, especially when there is no particular reason & that makes it even more special. 😀


Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made. Nothing brightens a room or one’s mood quite like a bouquet of fresh flowers! Flowers provide a splash of vibrant colour to brighten the day and remind you of the beauty God placed in the world.


Flowers speak of fragility and delicacy of life and coax you to abandon your striving after the vain and temporal. They echo the splendours of Eden.


As the English statesman William Wilberforce once said, “Lovely flowers are the smiles of God’s goodness.”

Please also read Kyels‘ post on “Flower & Love” .


19 Responses to “Give Yourself A Bouquet of Fresh Flowers”

  1. Kyels Says:

    Thank you for plugging me in this post.

    No problem, Kyels. 🙂

    Yes, flowers are beautiful and it makes one smile whenever they get a bouquet. After all, God’s creations are great and unique in their own ways.


    Yes, who can make a flower but God? 😀

  2. Jemima Says:

    I just want to share with everyone the lyrics of an old love song by Neil Diamond & Barbra Streisand entitled “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers”. *I still miss him very much.*

    “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers”

    You don’t bring me flowers
    You don’t sing me love songs
    You hardly talk to me anymore
    When I come thru the door
    At the end of the day

    I remember when
    You couldn’t wait to love me
    Used to hate to leave me
    Now after lovin’ me late at night
    When it’s good for you, babe
    And you’re feelin’ alright
    Well you just roll over
    And turn out the light
    And you don’t bring me flowers anymore

    It used to be so natural
    To talk about forever
    But “used to be’s” don’t count anymore
    They just lay on the floor
    ‘Til we sweep them away

    And baby, I remember
    All the things you taught me
    I learned how to laugh
    And I learned how to cry
    Well I leared how to love
    And I learned how to lie
    So you’d think I could learn
    How to tell you goodbye
    You don’t bring me flowers anymore

    Well you’d think I could learn
    how to tell you ‘goodbye’
    You don’t say you need me
    You don’t sing me love songs
    You don’t bring me flowers anymore

  3. zeroimpact Says:

    Nature’s creation are just beautiful…
    I do not fancy flowers, but then I still adore them…
    It’s ability to cheer, surprise and brings joy amazes me…

    That’s so true.

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful song too

    It’s my pleasure & I’m glad you like it. 🙂

  4. Che-Cheh Says:

    Flowers makes me happy coz they’re beautiful and unique.

    Yes, that’s why they make me happy, too. 😀

  5. nyonyapenang Says:

    i don’t fancy flowers too but my gosh, you can really make me feel the fragrance now. 😉  

    Hahaha.. nice eh? 😆

  6. moz monster Says:

    Wah … plugging me … thanks !!!

    Don’t mention it, Moz. 🙂

    I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos as much as I did. I actually wish I can stay a little longer in Aussie for Spring, when it’ll be absolutely gorgeous, but I guess I can’t have it all, can I??

    I love the photos. Thanks again. 🙂

    Yes, Spring in Oz would be nice. *Sigh**I wish I can make a trip there.*

    Nope, we sure can never have it all.

  7. Kyels Says:

    I love that song. It really is meaningful … I remember the first time I stumbled upon it … Mmm.

    Yes, it’s one of my fave oldies. 🙂

  8. Sha Says:

    I love sunflowers because it brings a smile to my face even when I’m feeling down. It spreads good cheer around 🙂

    Sunflowers are like Smileys. 😀

  9. Neo Says:

    Very nicely said! I love flowers too, but nobody send me flowers so far… 🙂

    Welcome, Neo!

    Here’s some flowers for you. #hands Neo a bunch of flowers# 😀

  10. Gallivanter Says:

    Remember this line?

    “Blue flower, red thorns! Blue flower, red thorns! Blue flower, red thorns! Oh, this would be so much easier if I wasn’t color-blind!”

    Oh Yes! The donkey in Shrek. 😆

    My fav quote : Find the seed at the bottom of your heart and bring forth a flower. 🙂

    That’s a really nice. Thanks for sharing. 😀

  11. Keropok Says:

    I like roses. They taste nice.

    Rose syrup? No? 😉

  12. ~TheAngel~ Says:

    I like flower too ;)I like water lilies & other white flowers, especially lilies & roses

    I love them, too. 🙂

  13. Ness Says:

    On a not so recent trip to the markets, my boyfriend bought me a flower made from balloons. I squealed with delight cause he doesn’t buy me flowers often.

    You’re right, its more special if there is no occasion for it.:)

    I still have the ‘flower’, out of air and ‘withered’ but everytime I look at it, I smile my silly smile 🙂

    That’s so sweet. Next time, he gives you some fresh flowers, you might consider drying them. That’s what I do to some of mine. 😉

  14. Lex Says:

    Hey, I gotta tell you that I love that you post bout all the little things in life that should be enjoyed and such. *hugs*

    I truly believe that these little things contributes a lot to our happiness. *HUGS*

    tell me, which girl doesn’t like flowers :)… especially someone special decided to be thoughtful… ahhh

    hehe.. as long as they are not durian flowers. 😆

  15. zeroimpact Says:

    Oh how I wish I could stop and smell the flowers now…
    Bliss is the flowers
    Bliss brings the flowers

    Can’t you smell them from your monitor? 😆

    Bliss is when the flowers blooms. 😉

  16. michelle Says:

    it’s been a long while since I’ve gotten a real bouquet… hehe..

    Me too..

    I love flowers. The sweet smell of each stalk will just carry me away to a world full of daisies and tulips and sunflowers and yaddayadda.

    Same here..

    Lovely post. 🙂

    Thanks, Mich. 😀

  17. endroo G Says:

    I see trees of green…….. red roses too
    I see em bloom….. for me and for you
    And I think to myself…. what a wonderful world.

    Ohhh… Thank you, Endroo. *HUGS*

    National Day is around the corner. Show your love to your country. Where’s the hibiscus??

    Sshhh! You’re not supposed to say anything yet. hehe 😉

  18. endroo G Says:

    jem, you’re welcome. By the way, what am I not supposed to say ?? Sorry.

    Hey Endroo, my man, there’s no need to apologise. You’ll find out soon enough. Hehe 😉

  19. endroo G Says:

    how gee.

    Hehe.. Watch out for Tuesday’s post. 😉

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