To Know Malaysia Is To Love Malaysia

August 27, 2006


 To know Malaysia, is to love Malaysia
People smiling everywhere
Showing you how much they care

To know Malaysia, is to love Malaysia
It’s true
This land, so beautiful
It will steal your heart away
This land is paradise
And it’s only, only a smile away

To know Malaysia, is to love Malaysia
In this land where dreams come true
Malaysia welcomes you
To know Malaysia, is to love Malaysia
It’s true, it’s true, it’s true….


Remember this song? Click here for the music. Tourism Malaysia used it to promote the very first Visit Malaysia Year. 

As I said to Scorkes, there are too many problems in our country lately. Hey, do not get me wrong! I am not condemning anyone for these problems. Being just another ordinary day-to-day citizen of Malaysia, I am at fault, too. But, maybe just maybe, if we truly unite and abide by the lyrics, we can have a Happy Malaysia.

NB. This is the first of three series of my tribute to the National Day Celebration. There is nothing original in these posts – I just want to share some friendly reminders from the past. After all, we are supposed to remember & appreciate our country’s history.

32 Responses to “To Know Malaysia Is To Love Malaysia”

  1. Kyels Says:

    Yes, we should always appreciate and love our country.


    Yep, I totally agree. 😀

  2. Lex Says:

    yeah I agree with kyels.. i remember reading it’s not bout being free just because we got independence but we should take good care of it and appreciate it 😀

    Well said, Lex. 😀


    You, too. 😉

  3. zeroimpact Says:

    I love my country…
    We should do our part to keep our contry safe and free

    Hear! Hear! 😀

  4. lx Says:

    this has nothing to do with merdeka but i found out wot it means, jemima 😀 … i asked one of the girls, she told me and i said “i do too” LOL

    Hahaha.. I bet she’s a real cutie? What’s your next destination? I might have another one up my sleeve for you. 😆

    Btw, I supposed you won’t be home for Merdeka? 😉

  5. endroo G Says:

    Selamat Hari Merdeka.


    Terima kasih, Endroo. 🙂

  6. sharon Says:

    not feeling very patriotic now because of the traffic jam here in kuching. because of the ongoing preparation for the national level celebration.

    Hmm.. I can understand how frustrating that can be. I can’t stand traffic jams, too. 😦

    this morning the road to 2 major schools quite near padang merdeka was closed, so all the school children making their way to school were asked to go home.

    Isn’t it funny – how they didn’t notify the schools earlier to save both students & parents the trouble of making a wasted journey. 😦

    what i paticularly like during merdeka though are those really nice and heartwarming advertisements on tv. 🙂

    Yes, my faves are those adverts by Yasmin Ahmad. They touches my heart without fail. 🙂

  7. Gallivanter Says:

    I used to be mesmerized by that song.

    Me, too. 🙂

    No matter what problems we face, it’s our home, and I’m proud of it. 🙂

    Yes, we should all be proud of our Malaysia. 🙂

  8. Sha Says:

    Happy Merdeka day (in advance) 🙂

    Thanks, Sha. 🙂

  9. fashionasia Says:

    Happy Merdeka! Will do a merdeka post soon :>

    You, too. I’ll be looking forward to it. 🙂

    I think its a great time to express our feelings towards the country be it good or bad…helps us reflect upon ourselves and to improve.

    That’s so true. 🙂

  10. endroo G Says:

    the tv adverts are good.

    Yes, like I said to Sharon, I love those nostalgic ones by Yasmin Ahmad. 😉

  11. Paul Says:

    Loved that song too!

    I still love it. 🙂

  12. moz monster Says:

    I can’t help but feel we’ve forgot the meaning of merdeka … merdeka is freedom … independence … that we can stand on our own two feet, and we chart our own course, and control our destiny.

    I remembered watching a local tv station interviewed some people outside a shopping mall on the meaning of Merdeka Day. One woman actually said that she doesn’t know why Merdeka Day is celebrated but she’s happy to get the day off to go shopping. 😦  

    I don’t think we’re capable of that … we’re being told daily that we’re not even supposed to think differently from the powers-to-be. How’s that for maturity?

    Even Pinochio is allowed to think for himself.

    We are independent only on paper …

    In reality, yes. Hence that explains the mass migration of young Malaysians overseas annually.

    That song, I used to hum it all the time. That was until I discovered New Kids On The Block … yup … I’m THAT old.

    Hahaha.. You’re only as old as you think. 😉

    Anyway, I hope you’ll start humming it again. Who were the members of New Kids On The Block? Did any on them became famous solo singers. I know that Robbie Williams was from Take That.

  13. Lex Says:

    bwhahah… I agree with Endroo that tv adverts are always good anyways 😀 hehehhehe…

    YAY! Another fan of the Merdeka TV adverts. 😀

  14. Gab Says:

    Now that’s very patriotic. Selamat Hari Merdeka. Hope everyone have fun and to reminisce the history on that day. 😉 Well not just on that day…:P

    Selamat Hari Merdeka to you, Gab. 🙂

    Our country’s history is what builds our nation. 😀

  15. lx Says:

    i’ll be in jakarta tomorrow and returning home on 30th. Wouldn’t miss Merdeka for the world LOL how patriotic am I? heheh

    You’re indeed very patriotic. hehe

  16. endroo G Says:

    which are the adverts by Yasmin Ahmad???? Telekom’s? TNB’s? Petronas’?

    Petronas. Remember last year’s Merdeka. The commercial was called “Special Shoes”. 🙂

  17. Che-Cheh Says:

    Oh yeah I love that song.
    There’s another patriotic song that I like..aiyar forgot the name.

    Let me know when you can remember. 🙂

    Anyway Selamat Hari Merdeka to you. :))

    Same to you, Che-Cheh. 😀

  18. Hijackqueen Says:

    Wow! I have not heard this song for ages!

    Welcome Hijackqueen. 🙂

    Actually I haven’t heard the song for a long time , too. I only remembered it when I was thinking about what to post for Merdeka. 😀

  19. Cage Says:

    This ‘To Know Malaysia Is To Love Malaysia’ song, in my opinion the best visit Malaysia song I’ve heard so far. It brings a warm welcome to any visitors within and outside Malaysia. Btw, where can I get the song and who is the singer. If you don’t mind please share to me. Thanks.

    I don’t have the info you seek but you can try contacting this link. Someone in Tourism Malaysia might be able to help you. 🙂

  20. Lexman Says:

    Yes indeed, “To Know Malaysia Is To Love Malaysia” will always be THE tourism song of Malaysia for me. The current theme song, “Malaysia Truly Asia” has also helped Malaysia achieve a high level of awareness of Malaysia as a tourism destination. You can find that at

  21. Natalie Says:

    It is the best place on earth!

    Welcome, Natalie.
    I’m glad you think so. 🙂

  22. […] before the closing time. So I just use Google Image Search for Malaysia logo and found this logo at Jemima’s Journal. Then I use ACD See’s photo editor to add in the wordings and resize the picture. And managed […]

  23. Patriotism is..before we learn about love and to be loved..lets learn about losing something appreaciated your own testimony during the constitution from the british, not only malaysia, but the world is to be shared until to our kitchen, agree? read
    The problem is CORRUPTION. once started by China Hang li Po. Aggravated by Corruptions, PEOPLE has to AUDIT through Republicans..Democrates is myths and proven Corrupts.

    Thanks for dropping by & your comment.

  24. […] like Jemima’s blog post: To Know Malaysia Is To Love Malaysia. we should discuss more about Malaysian related news and […]

  25. Jenna Says:

    Remember years ago they had an advertisement to promote Malaysia tourism? i love the tagline! it’s

    “Malaysia, Truly Asia!!”

    — hey wait, did i say i loved THAT tagline? sorry i meant


    i am ashamed of my country

    Thank you for your comment, Jenna.
    I believe we’re all entitled to our own opinion about Malaysia.

  26. globalbackpacker Says:

    Malaysia is indeed a beautiful country.

    Nevertheless, uncontrolled development had somehow jeopardize the core resources that actually attract foreign visitors.

    1) uncontrolled development / construction :
    of high-rise apartments along beautiful country road stretching from Gurney Drive to Tanjung Bungah to Batu Feringgi, Penang Island. It destroy green landscape and turn the beautiful scenery into pathetic ugly disgusting environment. Anyway, Balik Pulau and trails of fishemen village are real great. Hopefully the villagers provide more homestay.

    2) Illegal Immigrants.
    Kuala Lumpur is full of illegal immigrants and these illegal immigrants being allow to set-up illegal stalls as well by immigration authorities. In Hard Rock Cafe, the Beach club – there are influx by Philippine prostitutes. Most foreign visitors had mistakenly think they’re Malaysian girls.Illegal Chinese,Sumatra, Pattani, Indian illegal immigrants influx the hot spot tourist map of Malaysia (TDC) like Masjid India, Kg.Bharu, Kg.Dato Keramat, Petaling Street. Malaysian Chinese stall vendors in Petaling Street are rude, non-civilize and selling disgusting products, besides the place are real filth. These illegal immigrants of Sumatra (Minang) in Masjid India area do not reflects the true Malaysian culture and garments as well.

    Old town Mallacca like ‘Bandar Melaka’ and Kg.Morten are great. Except alomost all of the items being sell in Jonker Walk area are mostly comes from Thailand and owned by Singaporeans. That is sad.

    3)Get rid of Petaling Street from TDC Tourist Map please. Its a vital failure and had already brought shame to your country since past 10 years.

    4) cleanliness are generally bad in most cities and towns in Malaysia.

    5) taxi services are the worst in south east asia in comparison am afraid.
    6) Illegal stalls that are largely set-up by migrated population to Kuala Lumpur in KL especially.Its dirty, steal water supply and tapping ilegally electricity. and do not reflects the so-called ‘City’, destroying any little corner, pavement, little green area/gardens in Kuala Lumpur – from Kg.Bharu, Kg. Dato Keramat, KL old town, and Setiawangsa/Wangsa Maju, Ampang and Bukit Bintang.

    Kuala Lumpur largely serves as the first impression.and little from Penang

    Both are not impressive.

    Truely yours,

  27. zzeed Says:

    Agree with globalbackpacker. I’ve been here in Melbourne for almost 2 weeks (in total)… could already see the vast contrast in between the two and the big improvement that Malaysia needs.

    I really hope Malaysia would improve.

  28. Julian Gan Says:

    as much as a love my own country, i would have to agree with globalbackpacker…

  29. kungkekkuat Says:

    spot on global backpacker…

    look wat happend in KL now or fer de past decade. how could anyone placed some chap who’been brought up in kampung environment to run a city ? am talking bout DBKL. to run a city, it needs more than just qualifications and track working experience, it need a city SOUL, MENTALITY, ATTITUDES.

    and look on dbkl personnels- pathetic ! they ‘re not KL locals even – dont understand KL citizens, and
    thats effect implementation of any rules or regulations that exist….

  30. Kamarzaman Says:


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