Look for Angels

September 29, 2006

Angels are everywhere.

You may have encountered one lately: the young man who stopped and changed a flat tire, the kind stranger who gave accurate directions to the lost tourist.

You may even have the opportunity sometime to be an “angel” for someone else, a messenger of love and care.


Look for angels around every corner. Seen and unseen, they are there to give your soul a lift and offer a helping hand. Even if you only hear the sound of wings brushing past, remember that God’s angels are watching you.

Note: This is my 50th post. I would like to thank everyone who has left me wonderful words of encouragement & advice & funny comments that cheer me up ever since I started blogging – exactly 2 months ago today. Thank you for your beautiful  friendship and especially for being my ANGELS.


September 28, 2006

Being crazy is holding onto pain.

The greater the time elapsed between the hurt and expressing it, the crazier I am.

Unforgiven hurt fuels angry fantasies that make me doubt myself and infect my thinking with unspeakable retaliation, bad dreams, and an uneasiness of my soul.

I feel especially crazy when I doubt my goodness, for then I will always be lost and the center of my life no longer holds.

The time I seem craziest to others is when I vacillate before making a decision.

Crazy is being torn between two masters, two conflicting ideals.


“Can I be for myself without alienating you and risk losing your love?”

I never feel more crazy than when people lie to me.

And when people lie about loving me, they hurt me the most.

Being crazy is not knowing what to believe.

There is no imprisonment worse than being bound to a crazy person, for then I can only be real by paying a price.

The way to become crazy is to try to please everyone all the time.

The only freedom from craziness is telling the truth.

Note: Only my voice can tell my truth. Only my truth can heal my world.

Painting: ”Amber Light” by Aldo Luongo.  

Become Like a Little Child

September 27, 2006

We can learn a lot from children. Their carefree attitude and unending optimism are downright inspiring. Perhaps you remember a time when you viewed the world with wide-eyed wonder and felt the joy of complete abandon.


If you find yourself feeling hopeless today, take heart. Life’s disappointments may have temporarily knocked you down, but you don’t have to stay there.


Try this: go to a playground, find a swing, and abandon yourself to a time of pure, carefree play. As you fly through the air, picture all of your cares being swept away, yourself become freer with each pass.

Note: That’s what I did after work yesterday. I became like a little child. 🙂

The Best I Can Be

September 26, 2006

Most people tend to focus on those aspects of their personality and appearance that they would most like to change.

Admit it. Don’t you hear yourself saying something like, If only my arms were smaller, my hair thicker, and my legs longer.

That kind of thinking only leads to dissatisfaction and low self-esteem.


The one who keeps hope alive will find a way to focus on those things that others admire and like most about them – and celebrate those qualities!

Focusing on your best characteristics can actually help you to see your life in a better light. After all, we are each a unique creation.

Note: I must focus on the best in myself and build the good that I am into the best I can be.

Painting: “Pretty Woman” by Carrie Graber

Be a Little Braver

September 25, 2006

The truth is, it’s not going to take that much to make your life better. Just a little effort.

You don’t need to climb Mount Everest; you just need to take one little step.

Be a little braver.

Fashionasia, the diet you are struggling with will succeed if you are just a little braver.

Sha, the job you are working on will be fine if you find the courage to work just a little harder.

Ann, you want to quit smoking. I believe you will succeed, no matter how difficult it is. You just need to replace that habit with a good one.

Jemima*winks* the difficult time you need to get through can all be handled if you act a little braver.

You don’t have to solve all of your problems.

You just have to begin.

Be a little braver.


Personal rant:  I am ready. I am now. I can. I will. 🙂