Stop Playing The Lone Ranger

September 3, 2006

The Lone Ranger did not defeat the bad guys alone. He had the help of his faithful friend Tonto, not to mention his lightning-fast horse Silver.


People are not designed to conquer life on their own. Whether it’s moving furniture or battling depression, some situations require a call for help.


I know that it’s not always easy to ask for help, but we have to remember, the help we need is always available – whether it’s physical, emotional, financial, or spiritual. It may take a little research and vulnerability to connect with the right friend, family member or for some people, they may even need to find the right counsellor.

Anyway, I’ve learned that sending up an SOS when I needed it is a sure sign of maturity – not weakness.

I’m no longer a Lone Ranger. Thanks to my Tontos. 😀

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20 Responses to “Stop Playing The Lone Ranger”

  1. michelle Says:


    rock on Jem!

    Let’s rock together, Mich! 😆

  2. Tonto looked to the sky.

    “Me see smoke signal from Lone Ranger,’ he said to himself. “Wha? He use 1337 5p34k again! Darn White man! I have enough trouble with his bad English.” 🙂

    Hahaha.. Your comments never failed to make me laugh. 😆

  3. Sha Says:

    No man is an island.. But that still does not mean we should be too dependant on others as well. Everything has to be in moderation 😉

    Oh No! Please don’t misunderstand this post, Sha. You’re right, everything has to be in moderation including our dependence on others. What I’m saying here is that we all have Tontos out there who are always willing to & ready to assist us. 😀

  4. Kyels Says:

    We are not lone rangers because no man is an island in this world. And if one asks for help that does not mean he or she is weak. We all need pillars of strength sometimes.


    We do.. after all, sticks in a bundle are unbreakable. 😉

  5. lx Says:

    Seeing those photos reminded me of my childhood in front of the telly 😉

    You got to be kiddin, Lx. You’re not an “antique” yet. Hehe.. 😆

  6. Ness Says:

    My therapist said it’s okay to unbutton the supergirl cape and send smoke signals to a friend when needed.

    I’ve always thought it would show my vulnerability (that’s amouthful to type that word!) and inadequacy but she said it’s a sign of acceptance and making peace with oneself 🙂

    And off came the cape 🙂

    WOW! Now I even have Supergirl coming to my rescue. Hehe.. 😆

  7. J Says:

    That’s so true: We all need our Tontos and Silvers.

    Yes, we do.. ‘cos sometimes we just can’t fly solo. 😉

  8. LM Says:

    Where does your help come from?

    You. 😀

  9. fashionasia Says:

    sometimes being a lone ranger is fun!! especially while shopping! i totally love shopping alone… :>

    I know what you mean.. hence, you can shop to your heart’s content without anyone reminding you that you’ve overspent. 😉

  10. Wuching Says:

    i dun like those old shows like the lone rangers & green hornets; they depict white masters & coloured side kicks which i absolutely abhorred by it!

    Sir Wuching, I’m not a racist. Neither are my friends & my visitors, ok? Lone Ranger’s friendship with Tonto is used in this post to illustrate that. I supposed you would rather that I had used Batman & Robin.

    Thanks very much for your comment.

  11. sharon Says:

    i’ve never watched lone ranger before… but i learnt something from this post… that asking for help is a sign of maturity, and not weakness. thanks dear.

    To tell the truth, I’ve never watched the show either but I’ve read some of the comics. Hehe.

    Do keep the lesson in mind – wherever you’re gonna be posted to, ok? I’m always here for you. 😀

  12. luxferi Says:

    The value of a friendship is priceless. Loyalty is earned, not assumed. *hug* Being your friend is an honor, and think not of the darkness that blankets humanity, but the glow of love that emanates from those who love you. 🙂 The glow will keep you safe, unharmed, and healthy.

    Ohhhh.. Ann, you’re another one in a million. I treasured your friendship very much, too. HUGS! 😀

  13. Che-Cheh Says:

    I’ve never seen that show before. hehehe not my era I guess.

    Yalor, you’re only 6 years old, remember? LOL 😆

    We can’t live by ourself. Families and friends are our support. Without them we will be nobody.

    Well said, Che-Cheh. 😀

  14. nyonyapenang Says:

    if not for the tontos and silvers in my life, i would have gone bonkers loonnng, looonnnng time ago. God bless them. 😉

    Hehe.. Gua pun sama. 😉

  15. Gab Says:

    ive nvr heard of this movie before la. but that’s sth new to me, i guess. people cannot thrive alone. everyone needs somebody to get moving in life. so see carefully whom you can lay your trust.

    Good advice, Gab. 🙂

    btw i wish ive a partner-in-crime, esp with my studies. then i won’t have flunked my papers or die over exams (like today) 😛

    I’m sure you will ace them – with or without any studies’ buddy. Btw, when is your next paper?

  16. zeroimpact Says:

    Yah… you can be a hero and I’ll be your sidekick

    I don’t mind.. either way. Thanks, dear. 😀

    I’m always willing to be sidekick
    Sidekick for hire… anyone?

    I’m sure there’ll be a queue. 😉

  17. Lex Says:

    awww how sweet.. hugs 🙂

    Thanks & HUGS! 😀

    and I hate that show! 😛

    As I had told Sharon, I’ve never watched the show.. but I’ve read the comics. 😉

  18. Wuching – Please read this in the spirit it is being written [ie as a method of enlightenment and not as something written in anger or to start an arguement. I am neither angry nor seeking a fight … just hoping to shed light on some aspects you may not have known about, or possibly never thought about] 🙂

    Not all old shows were like that. How would you explain the detective Charlie Chan and other similar shows where a US minority group was shown in a positive light and also as the lead character?
    [Zorro and The Cisco Kid are two others which come to mind].

    Also, at the time the show was made, [the Lone Ranger], a Native American probably couldn’t have been portrayed as THE hero. As a side kick though, Tonto portrayed a positive image of a minority group that the US white community, had up until then considered in terms expressed as, ‘The only good Indian is a Dead Indian’.

    So the show, though considered possibly racist in our day, was a positive first step in the acceptance of other people/races that until that time were considered only in a bad light. [Custers Last Stand was less than 100 years old by that time, and still firmly in White US peoples minds, in a similar way that WWII is still fresh in a lot of todays peoples mind].

    Now a days we are more enlightened than our ignorant ancestors who were less accepting of others. It’s only been through shows like The Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet [also known as “The Kato Show” in Hong Kong at the time], that a breaking down of racial barriers has been possible.

    65% of all US marriages are now inter-racial. In the 1950’s an inter racial marriage was frowned upon, and not accepted in many circles.
    [In fact, a lot of the Hollywood movies about Inter Racial interactions were often ‘warnings’ of groups to try not to mix as they were supposedly too different.]

    Sometimes in order to break down bias etc, it takes baby steps and a gentle hand. I particularly like The Green Hornet, mainly as Kato is a positive role model, and often it is Kato who saves the Green Hornet.
    The Green Hornet isn’t the MASTER either. [Master is the wrong term, especially in the case of the Lone Ranger as well].
    There is an obvious friendship between both The Lone Ranger and Tonto, and The Green Hornet and Kato that transcends any sort of MASTER / SERVANT type role.

    I think the more politically correct term now-a-days might be team leader.
    Of course, many comedies now-a-days have protrayed the lead / sidekick roles in terms where the sidekick is the actual brains and the effective member of the team, while the lead is an idiot who takes a lot of the credit for the teams success.

    But, I guess my points are two fold –

    first, there were leads in US shows at the time who were NOT WHITE, and

    second, it is harsh on the show to judge it by todays standards. The standards we have today to judge it by have only come about because of the barriers these shows broke down. If these shows had never existed, or if the Lone Ranger and Green Hornets sidekicks had of been other ‘white folks’ we’d probably still be yoked with the 1950’s mentality of keeping ‘races’ a part.

    After all, in both of those cases it was a fact that an inter-racial team were the ones fighting for truth and justice.
    Considering the day it was created, a lot of the US viewers were indoctrinated with a belief that inter-racial mixing was bad, or even impossible, without some sort of total stuff up occurring. These shows were enlightened enough to break those barriers and stereo types and show that there is nothing to be feared from good people regardless of race etc.

    They really set it up in a way for the equal rights rally’s etc of the 1960’s.

    What these shows really represent, is the first steps away from racism that the USA took.

  19. wuching Says:

    dabido: u need to breathe now!

  20. laundryamah Says:

    I’m the type who cannot be alone…I need ppl around to support me..or maybe just plain “8” kua…I dunno..but I strongly believe it’s better to have 2 heads together than one..

    I agree. 2 heads are definitely better..  😀

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