Forgive & Forget

September 4, 2006


I’ve just finished reading “Clara Burton:Professional Angel” by Elizabeth Brown Pryor. It’s a wonderful story involving Clara Barton, who founded the American Red Cross.

One time an acquaintance turned on Clara and humiliated her in front of a number of other people. Years later, a friend mentioned the incident to Clara, who seemed to have forgotten about it. Stunned, her friend questioned her, “Don’t you remember it?” Clara responded. “No – I distinctly remember forgetting it.”

Clara Burton had obviously not only forgiven her acquaintance but had also made a conscious decision to forget the offence.


Do you think these two players have forgiven each other & forgotten about what had happened during the World Cup?

Personally, I have been given the grace to forgive & the ability to forget.


12 Responses to “Forgive & Forget”

  1. zeroimpact Says:

    Forgive and forget
    easier said than done
    Especially when it comes to out loved ones
    Though difficult… with practise it becomes easier

    You’re right. 😉

  2. Kyels Says:

    It is definitely easier said than done.

    Being selfish beings, we can easily forgive, but not forget. That is one thing that we have to look at when we talk about forgiveness and forgetting the whole scene. But as long as we are pure to ourselves, we should would know better.

    Forgiving and forgetting is definitely a graceful act, in my opinion.


    Besides, forgiveness isn’t just an occasional act.

  3. I also have been given the ability to forgive and … um … er … um … something else, but I’ve forgotten what it was!

    Hehe.. me, too. 😆

  4. Sha Says:

    If only I can forget. It’s a double-edged sword that I remember everything to the detail. Sometimes I wish I can just forget.

    Try by not remembering. 😉

  5. LM Says:

    Not easy, but will try. how to forget those things we have forgiven.

    When you forgive, you’ll forget. 🙂

  6. sharon Says:

    f&f are the 2 hardest virtues to have, at least for me. i fool myself everytime by thinking that if i ignore so & so, i’m doing the forgetting part… but that’s not true… it takes much more… it takes making that conscious effort to forgive & like burton said, to “distinctively remember forgetting it”!

    thanks jemima!

    You’re welcome, Sharon. 😀

  7. fashionasia Says:

    its a great virtue to practice but ya…easier said than done…i think so i am able to forgive but to forget…it is not as easy as it seems. :>

    I think that if we can make forgiveness a permanent attitude, then we should be able to forget. 🙂

  8. Che-Cheh Says:

    On another note…I tried to remember some of my childhood memory but I have forgotten them…what to do ? Try to dig it out ? hehehe

    Hehe.. 😆

    It’s easy for me to forgive but not easy to forget.

    It’s already very noble of you to be able to forgive. 😉

  9. laundryamah Says:

    ayoyo,,i too just blogged about forgiving and forgetting..major problem for me!

    Welcome. 🙂 

    Thanks for the link. I will check it out.

  10. Gallivanter Says:

    With the dough Rooney & Ronaldo are on, they’re probably as close as Bert & Ernie now. Hehehehe!

    Hmmm.. if R & R are brokebackers, their WAGs would be in tears. 😆

  11. Lex Says:

    Yups it’s not easy… great that you could do that 🙂

    Thanks & HUGS!

    Looney and Christina are just being professional after all… they are well paid actors! hehe


    and when are we having coffee? hehe

    This Sunday, okie with you? 😉

  12. Alex Says:

    i think i’m pretty good with this. hehe. i do.. reli. forgive n forget

    That’s really great, Alex. 🙂

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