Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

September 9, 2006


The human body is like the battery-toting bunny in television commercials – it will keep on going and going if it is connected to the right energy source. Disregard the body’s basic needs, however, and it will burn out and cease to function. One of the basic needs your body craves is regular exercise – heart-stimulating, blood-pumping, endorphin-raising activity.


While exercise may seem inconvenient, boring, or tedious at times, its benefits are abundant; and keeping your body at its peak is sure to enhance your general sense of well-being. What are you waiting for – get up and get going! One and two and one and two and……


Note:  Lx, I exercise as much as you – well, I try to. 😉


18 Responses to “Exercise, Exercise, Exercise”

  1. Sha Says:

    Because of where I’m working, I think I’ll get my daily dose of exercise just by walking lol.

  2. zeroimpact Says:

    I have not been doing exercise for so long, I’m ashamed, and my body is growing wider and wider by the day.
    I’m just plain lazy but that’s not an excuse, I park my car far so I could walk and take the stairs if it’s 2 floors I’m going and not the lift.
    This does not help much, but I’m hoping it will
    It’s good that you find time to exercise

  3. sharon Says:

    spot on jemima! and that’s why it would be super to find an activity that one would enjoy… that would help in the long-term aspect! have a great weekend!

  4. luxferi Says:

    I totally agree! I’m trying to get back into shape by swimming and dancing, and it feels great! Msians are not fit, that’s very true… we need to be a health conscious nation.

  5. nyonyapenang Says:

    i am a creature of habit and i just need to get into that habit of exercising. 😦

  6. Kyels Says:

    It’s good that you do find time to exercise. And after exercising you’d feel really good and that is one good thing. Hence the reason why I love playing sports.


  7. Jogging is bad, it bruises my face … darn that bouncy belly of mine! 🙂

    Exercise also helps peoples intelligence. 🙂

  8. Fashionasia Says:

    i dun really like to exercise…but i try to make it a point…..probably not enough…:>

  9. Ness Says:

    I find it easier to get motivated if I exercise with a friend. That way if I have a tendency to slack off, he/she will drag my fat ass to the gym even if they have to pull me by my ear. Lol.

  10. Lex Says:

    You know what’s the best exercise… sit on your couch, watch tv and switch tv… great exercise for your fingers no… like Homer says 😛

  11. jemima Says:

    Sha: That’s great. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. 🙂

    zeroimpact: I don’t only exercise to maintain my weight. I exercise ‘cos I need to de-stress.

    sharon: Hence, you love your swimming & I love my workout at the gym + my yoga. 😀

    luxferi: Hey! What sort of dancing do you do? I love to dance & I would love to take up dancing one of these days. 😉

    nyonyapenang: You won’t have any problems once you get use to it. 😀

    Kyels: I love my exercise time ‘cos that’s when my mind is clear from stress – both personal & work.

    Dabido: LOL.. I really hope my exercise does help to maintain my intelligence. 😉

    Fashionasia: Well, try harder my friend. It will also help to keep your weight down. 😉

    Ness: Yes, I agree. I exercise with a friend, too. We help to motivate each other. 😀

    Lex: Hahaha.. We all love that exercise. 😆

  12. LM Says:

    Exercise, if you want to live.

    Long time ago, cavemen had to run 50KM a day just to get his daily meals.

    Today, we (I) drive to the foodcourt for lunch, which is like 200metres away!

  13. Gallivanter Says:

    I’ve been working out since December last year, a 2006 resolution that I aimed to realised. 10 months later, I feel absolutely great, physically and mentally. What has started out as a break in the routine has now become a routine. 🙂

  14. Che-Cheh Says:

    Sometimes I’m too lazy to exercise.
    Is walking Chester consider as an exercise ? 😛

  15. jemima Says:

    LM: You should start walking. That will help to save the environment, too. 😉

    Gallivanter: Well done, Dan. Keep up your good effort! 🙂

    Che-Cheh: I supposed it depends on the distance & also the time taken to walk him & that doesn’t include the number of stops he made to chat with other dogs. Hehe. 😆

  16. Lex Says:

    Trust me, exercise is meant to make you feel good!!!

    It does. It makes me look good, too. 😉

  17. Alex Says:

    man.. i need this. E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E.!! I think i’m on the verge of becoming overweight. Luckily i still walk quite a fair bit everyday in uni.. otherwise… 🙂 i think i’d start next week.. durng my 2 weeks break. go early in the morning wif my gf. i think she’d outrun me hehe.

    She can be your exercise partner & she can motivate you – especially if you decide to slack off. Hehe. 😉

  18. endroo G Says:

    I can’t make it a routine, so i do it at least once a week.

    That’s better than none. Hehe.. 😉

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