September 13, 2006

It has been two months. It still hurts. I can still hear the words you said when you broke up with me.

Friends told me that nursing the grudge will only make it hurt worse. They said that remembering an old wound is like rubbing salt into it; it just stings all the more.


I’ve finally decided that the only way to get rid of the pain is to forgive. It sounds impossible, doesn’t it? I know that letting go the anger from a past hurt is not going to be easy.

No, it won’t be easy, but it is my only path to freedom.


I forgive. Then, I can finally get past my past.


15 Responses to “Forgiveness”

  1. Kyels Says:

    All humans forgive. But is it that easy to forget? That is one question that we have to ask ourselves. Albeit that is hard but if we try with all our might we can someday forget the past and keep the sweet memories within in our minds.

    I’ll never ever forget the memories I have had with him. I forgive ‘cos I need to move on.

    Forgiving is a very noble thing for everyone to do in this world. Often times, I find myself forgiving people and the mistakes that they laid upon me. And I do try to forget ’cause I would not want it to develop into a grudge.

    That’s very noble of you.

    Let’s scream for a better day tomorrow!



    Thanks & HUGS!

  2. MisSmall Says:

    Letting go is the hardest lesson to learn in life. Everyone does it in different ways, some need to hate, some choose to forgive. I can’t promise you that the scar will heal, but it does get a little better over time. Till then, stay strong, gal.

    Thanks, MisSmall. I will definitely try. HUGS!

  3. LM Says:

    don’t keep those negative thoughts. Just enjoy what each new day could bring!? for example… new blogger frens! 🙂

    Ditto, my friend. HUGS!

  4. Sha Says:

    *hugs* Giving up doesnt mean you’re weak.. it means you’re strong enough to let go. Feel better soon 🙂

    I hope so, Sha. Thanks & HUGS!

  5. zeroimpact Says:

    Forgiving is a big step and forgetting is another smaller step not that crucial actually
    We never forgets things that happens, we just do not think about it.

    As I said to Kyels, I’ll never be able to forget but I’ll try not to remember – too often.

    The key is to forgive and move on… then when the time comes, and the flashback happens, hopefully you’s smile at it…

    I really hope so.

    I don’t know if I make any sense, but most of all
    take care and hugs for you

    Your words do make sense. Thanks & HUGS!

  6. Gallivanter Says:

    Without forgiveness, life is dictated by a continuous cycle of bitterness and revenge.

    I definitely don’t want my life to be bitter ‘cos life’s too short. Revenge? What’s that? Btw, what advice do you think Homer would have given me?

    Jemima, I forgive you for loving durians. 😛

    Thanks, Daniel. HUGS!

  7. moz monster Says:

    To err is human, to forgive, devine.

    The hurt you feel only hurts yourself, so once you forgive, you are lifting the hurt from yourself …

    That’s so true, Moz. Thanks & HUGS!

  8. Lil Says:

    i believe the key is to resolute to move on, and let go of all the ties behind… that will set you free 🙂

    I am moving on. I am letting go.

    hope you feel better soon

    Thanks & HUGS!

  9. Ness Says:

    Jemima, like you got distracted by my comment on Daniel’s blog about the boobies… I am in fits of laughter over Daniel’s comment forgiving you for loving durians.

    Yes, your comment was funny there & like you, Daniel is being a real darl for trying to cheer me up.

    ROFL. I forgot what I want to say now.

    Thanks & HUGS!

  10. Che-Cheh Says:

    Yeah life goes on….Life will not wait for you. So forgive yourself and move on. 🙂

    I have ‘cos there’s nothing I want more than to be happy again. Thanks & HUGS!

  11. Fashionasia Says:

    you’re such a nice person with so much values that you hold fast to.

    You really think so? Thanks & HUGS!

    If only he had thought so…

    I suppose you’ll be fine…2 months is really short….give the healing process more time…you’d be fine

    These 2 months had felt like a lifetime. HUGS!

  12. Lex Says:

    hey hugs,… you know what we all need? A GOOD HOLIDAY! but too bad, my exams are coming soon. sad innit?

    Yes, I’m going to Sabah for a holiday – once Sharon has settled herself there. At the moment, I can’t leave – too much work. HUGS!

  13. nyonyapenang Says:

    it’s hard gal, it’s sure hard, but you’ve taken the 1st step. good for you.
    **lots of sayangs**

    No matter how hard it is, I’ll survive ‘cos I’ve got **lots of sayangs** from you, Kak.

    Thanks & HUGS!

  14. Gallivanter Says:

    That would be simple – “D’oh!!” 🙂

    LOL. Thanks, Dan.

  15. alice Says:

    “I can forgive, but I cannot forget, is only another way of saying, I will not forgive. Forgiveness ought to be like a cancelled note–torn in two, and burned up, so that it never can be shown against one.”
    — Henry Ward Beecher

    To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”
    — Lewis B. Smedes (1921—2002), renowned Christian author, ethicist, and theologian

    I say, ‘Forgive and be forgiven.’

    Sorry to be late in commenting on this.

    Alice, please do not apologize…
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful quotes. Fyi, I’ve the graphic for the L.B. Smedes’ quote. Maybe one of these days, I’ll post it.

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