An Open Heart is the Best Teacher

September 14, 2006

Education doesn’t make you happy.

Success doesn’t make you kind.

Poverty doesn’t make you wise.

Riches don’t make you full.

Experience doesn’t make you smart.

But love can teach you everything.


I expect nothing but to be.

I desire nothing but to learn.

I am nothing, but am becoming everything.


Note: Just one of my lunchtime rant.



4 Responses to “An Open Heart is the Best Teacher”

  1. LM Says:

    aiyoh.. lunchtime should be spent in semicomatose mode.
    zzZ. Is it time to go home oledi?

    Hehe.. I wish I could. 😉

  2. moz monster Says:

    Well said, well said …

    Thank you my friend. 🙂

  3. Kyels Says:

    Very well said babe. Really.

    An open heart is definitely the best thing.


    Thanks, Kyels. Your email was the opener. 😉

  4. zeroimpact Says:

    Open thy heart and be empowered
    Only when you open your heart to all posibilities will you see things that you could not see

    I can only try & I surely hope so. Thanks & HUGS!

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