The Best I Can Be

September 26, 2006

Most people tend to focus on those aspects of their personality and appearance that they would most like to change.

Admit it. Don’t you hear yourself saying something like, If only my arms were smaller, my hair thicker, and my legs longer.

That kind of thinking only leads to dissatisfaction and low self-esteem.


The one who keeps hope alive will find a way to focus on those things that others admire and like most about them – and celebrate those qualities!

Focusing on your best characteristics can actually help you to see your life in a better light. After all, we are each a unique creation.

Note: I must focus on the best in myself and build the good that I am into the best I can be.

Painting: “Pretty Woman” by Carrie Graber


14 Responses to “The Best I Can Be”

  1. michelle Says:

    I’m the first to comment? woohoo!
    That’s so true. I think the best thing to do is don’t bother to think about what others might think of you. Easier said than done, I have to admit. I used to have below average self-esteem. But then as time passed by I realised that people who really know you deep inside don’t care how you look like on the outside. It’s you, the genuine you that sparks, not the smaller arms or the thicker hair. Hahaha. 🙂

    Welcome back to the blogosphere, Mich. 😉
    Well, said, my friend. We can only be our best & ppl will have to accept us for just the way we are. 😀

  2. Gallivanter Says:

    Well, I think this happens to all of us at some point in time, particularly when we’re younger and inceptive. As we grow older, we learn to love ourselves. Except to those fans who support Liverpoo. I almost feel sorry for them. LOL

    Yes, we should love ourselves for ourselves. 🙂
    Hehe.. poor Liverpool supporters! 😆

  3. zeroimpact Says:

    You have a lot of good qualities… one that I’d like to see too…
    Don’t worry too much as it does bring us down especially if we think of the less perfect ones
    You’re shining with so much and you’re a gem
    The best in you is shining and I can see them
    The less perfect sometimes makes us more human… which is what I want to be… more human
    I see a gem in you so take care k!!!
    And continue to shine!!!

    You always leave me such nice words & compliments – they are becoming my regular dose of “pick-me-up”. 😉
    You’re a human gem, too. HUGS!

  4. LM Says:

    oh dear, what shall i write to make jemima feel good…
    OK, when we were made, our creator ensures that everything equals out.. not just the external appearances.

    That’s so beautifully said, LM. It does make me feel good. HUGS!

  5. lx Says:

    I’m fat .. I’m short .. I’m bespectacled .. I’m a nerd .. Parapapapa I’m lovin’ it!

    You’re a beautiful person on the inside. That’s of utmost importance. 😀

  6. nyonyapenang Says:

    focus on the best but at the same time you’ll need to be aware of ‘the not so best parts’ so as to improve on it.

    Thanks for your wise advice, Kak Nyonya. HUGS! 🙂

  7. Ashish C. Says:

    The one who keeps hope alive will find a way to focus on those things that others admire and like most about them – and celebrate those qualities!
    Well said! 🙂
    Focusing on your best characteristics can actually help you to see your life in a better light. After all, we are each a unique creation.
    True, but also focusing on your moderate qualities will make you more balanced and help you connect socially with a wide variety of people. Unless we think our life is Great we cannot enjoy our days.
    Be crtical of yourself, but not so much that you should be depressed, care for yourself but not so much that you won’t have time for anything else, be afraid of death but not so much as to refuse to try any new thing and most of all keep smiling and see yourself zooming into happiness! 🙂

    Thanks so much for your words of wisdom, Ashish. 😀
    Your comments inspired & taught me well. Thanks & HUGS!

  8. I wonder if I can get rid of this BIG BULBOUS BELLY! 🙂

    Hahaha.. of course you can. 😉

  9. Kyels Says:

    I have always believed in this principle that we all should be thankful with what God has given us.
    If one happens to be over weight then it does not matter if that person wants to be slimmer. But if one is already as thin as a stick, yet still complain that she is fat, then that is totally absurd. This is the mentality of the world today; not appreciating what God has given them.

    I agree with you, Kyels. No matter what shapes & sizes we are, we are each God’s unique creation. 😀

  10. Sha Says:

    I have always been taught that natural beauty is the best. Everyone’s beautiful in their own special way and most importantly it’s how you are inside that counts the most 🙂

    Thanks, Sha. HUGS! 🙂

  11. endroo G Says:

    we are who we are afterall. we must be glad of our physique and looks. I used to be very thin… i tried to put on weight and it went wrong. I inflated a belly. But who cares… its my belly afterall……… ha.

    Hehe.. an inflated belly is a sign of prosperity, no? 😉
    Yep, we should be glad that we’ve been made the way we are. It’s God’s will. 😀

  12. michelle Says:

    I know, I know..I was off-blog for a little while as I was quite busy last couple of weeks. But thanks for welcoming me back! *HUGS*

    No problem, Mich. I’ll be looking forward to your regular updates from now on. 😉

  13. azhan Says:

    everyone are unique =)

    We sure are. 😀

  14. moz monster Says:

    I want flat tummy …. but I’m happy the way I am. It’s just a desire to improve myself.

    All of us have bits & pieces of us that we wanna improve. 😀

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