Making Small Beginnings

October 2, 2006

oct_jk.gifOne of my aunts who is a survivor of breast cancer shared this with me when I told her that I want to do my bit to promote the Breast Cancer Awareness Month on my blog.

“Nothing will ever be the same; that’s the nature of loss. What you loved and were familiar with is not part of your life anymore. While facing the reality of ‘nothing ever being the same’, go on to claim the rest of that reality: Things are different. With time, very different will be somewhat different and with a little more time, somewhat different will become fully familiar and normal.” 

Kass Dotterweich, Grieving as a Woman


Wear A Pink Ribbon – October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Note: As of today I’m gonna be working in a new department at work. I’m gonna be the new kid there with lots to learn. Hence, I would probably be reading fewer blogs and posting fewer comments, too. I would be able to blog only at night *SIGH* and besides the final season of one of my favorite shows ”Judging Amy” starts today.


11 Responses to “Making Small Beginnings”

  1. Ness Says:

    My mother is breast-cancer survivor. She had it right after she had me. I never got breast-fed because of that. Fortunately they detected the tumour at its early stages and she was able to combat it.
    However one of my mother’s bestfriends who was diagnosed at the same time chose to risk it all and carried on with her pregnancy which later claimed her life.
    I don’t know how my life would be if my mother had succumbed to the illness. But I thank God that He had spared her so I could have her 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing with us your (mother’s) personal experience with breast cancer. HUGS!

  2. Sha Says:

    Good luck with working in the new department! *hugs*

    Thanks, Sha. HUGS! 😀

  3. Kyels Says:

    All the best in your new working department!

    Thanks & HUGS, Kyels. 😀

  4. zeroimpact Says:

    Yes things will be different… even with each passing day.
    Let’s hope it will be for the better
    Lot’s of luck for you in the new department
    Am you it’s just reassurance coz you will do just fine
    You’re capable of it

    WOW! You’ve such great confidence in me.
    Thanks & HUGS! 😀

  5. Gallivanter Says:

    Good luck Jemima. 🙂

    Thanks & HUGS, Daniel. 😀

  6. lx Says:

    enjoy the experience, jemima 😉

    I sure will, Lx.
    Thanks & HUGS! 🙂

  7. nyonyapenang Says:

    all the best to you in your new work department. ‘Poe, poe koh seng’ 😉

    Hehe.. Kam-sia, Kak Nyonya. 😉
    It’s not too bad for my first day. HUGS!

  8. Best of luck in the new position.
    I know when my mother had her breasts checked last time, she was telling me how sad it was, as one of the women at the Doctors came out crying after she discovered she had breast cancer.
    The poor lady was suddenly in for a fight for her life. [Not just a fight for her breasts].
    It’s not a good thing.

    Thanks & HUGS, Dab. 🙂
    Hence, it is important for every women to have a check-up before it is too late.

  9. azhan Says:

    good luck and have fun at the new dept. cant wait for updates on that! =)

    Hey, Good Luck with your studies.
    Thanks & HUGS! 🙂

  10. Gab Says:

    All the best with the new position.
    Hope everything goes well.
    My mom lost her good friend to breast cancer. It was so traumatic, to see her go through so much pain. First losing her breasts, then the cancer spreads to her bone.
    It’s most vital to undergo medical check-ups.

    Thanks & HUGS, Gab. 😀
    The same thing happened to my late aunt.
    Yes, it is vital that all women should have their breasts examined.

  11. Lex Says:

    Congratss… and for many more happy days to come…
    and oh spread the love, and link up project: have a cookie ya?

    I will check it out. Thanks, Lex. 😉

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