Take Myself Out

October 6, 2006

jk61.jpg I have put in a full week of work. I have run errands, accomplish as much as I possibly can, and check off most of my to-do list (there’s always more to do, so I  give myself credit for what I’ve already done). Hence, I’m taking time for some rest and relaxation this weekend.


We should not let self-nurture always be the last on our list of things to do. All work and no play is a surefire recipe for burnout. We should make a date and take ourselves out for a good time. Even the trash gets taken out once a week. We should take time away to recharge our batteries.


Do something you love this weekend, just for fun.

Wishing all a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival & a Great Weekend! 😀


17 Responses to “Take Myself Out”

  1. LM Says:

    yeah, mid autumn.. time to renew our friendship over tea and mooncakes.
    oh the calories!

    Yes! Yes! 😀
    Definitely not a day for pralines, since we’re having mooncakes. 😉

  2. Gallivanter Says:

    mmmmmmmm….pralines…. 🙂

    Some pralines with beer for Homer. Hehe

  3. Che-Cheh Says:

    Happy Mid Autumn to you too and have a GREEAT weekend.

    Thanks & HUGS!
    Have you bought a lantern for Chester? 😉

  4. zeroimpact Says:

    Ah yes…
    I think I’d go for a drink tonight…
    It’ll be nice to relax after this stressful week
    You have a great weekend k!
    Don’t forget to have lotsa fun and tell us bout it

    I’ve got dinner tonite. I’ve booked for a facial & a massage tomorrow. I’ve also got my yoga class tomorrow. Not sure what’s happening for tomorrow nite & Sunday – some friends are making plans.
    Whatever their plans are, I’m sure I’m gonna have fun & release all my stress. HUGS!

  5. Sha Says:

    After 2 weeks of hectic work, I’m going to have a haircut and go shopping this weekend! 🙂

    That’s great. Have a good time, Sha. 😀

  6. moz monster Says:

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you to !!!

    Same to you, Moz. 😀

  7. Keropok Says:

    You just kick those shoes off, those feet up and sink into that nice bed of yours, Jemima… (not that I know how nice your bed is, of course… or even if its nice at all… and I’m not saying it isn’t nice… it’s just that… ahh, you know what I mean 🙂

    Yes, I’ll do just that.
    Thanks & HUGS, my bed-buddy. 🙂

    Btw, I’ve a very nice comfortable bed.

  8. Keropok Says:

    By the way, I just love the pic you posted in your Sept 28th post, Crazy… I think I’m in love with her. Something about women taking their shoes off 😉

    Hey, I’m glad you like it. That painting is by Aldo Luongo, my fave painter.
    You can check out the link on that post for his other works.

  9. ian Says:

    Hey, thanks Jemima… Very nice…

    You’re welcome, Ian.
    Thanks & HUGS!

  10. merv Says:

    Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you too!
    And boy am I a recipe for a burnout haha. I need a massage.

    Thanks & HUGS!
    Singapore has some great spas. You should check them out this weekend. 🙂

  11. LM Says:

    singapore spas? you’ll panic and then feel blue again when you see the bill.


  12. ‘Even the trash gets taken out once a week.’
    No I don’t! 🙂

    LOL 😀

  13. Lex Says:

    aihh with the haze, the big fat moon also I cant see lerr


  14. nyonyapenang Says:

    you going to the spa?
    have a great weekend, dearie. 😉

    Yep, I am about to leave now. Thanks & HUGS, Kak. I hope you have a great one, too. 😀

  15. azhan Says:

    have a great weekend yourself =)

    You, too. Thanks & HUGS! 😀

  16. Kyels Says:

    I guess I should take myself out and have fun too. Hmm. Sounds like an idea, but I’m a homey person. Haha.

    Have a great weekend!


    Well, I’m only going for my facial & massage now. I’ve got yoga in the late afternoon. A friend just rang & said a few of them will be coming over to my place with drinks, snacks & dvds. I guess we’re gonna have a night in front of the tube. Tomorrow, I’m gonna follow Keropok’ s advice – I’m gonna stay in bed all day. Hehe.

    You have a great weekend, too. 😀

  17. Ness Says:

    My mid-semester break will end tomorrow. I don’t feel two weeks is enough to recharge my batteries. But then it’s uni, no amount of holidays will justify it. 😀

    Look on the positive side. Your long summer holidays is not too far away. 😉

    Have a great weekend Jemima sweetie! 😀

    Thanks & HUGS, Ness. I did have a relaxing weekend. 😀

    I will work on my assignment on the mean time 😉

    All the best & I’m sure you’ll aced it. 🙂

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