A Swan

November 2, 2006


A swan lives in water – and yet does not get wet!

People who do not get ‘wet’ by the ‘water’ of negativity – i.e., discouragement and unhealthy criticism from people around – get ahead in life.

People who choose to act in a manner what seems to be the ‘best’ to them – despite criticism or discouragement from others – carve a future of their own.

“Even God cannot change the past.” – Agathon

I said this little prayer before I retired last night.


Lord, grant me serenity as I move forward in my life. Help me to be patient with the person I was yesterday, as I vow to make the most of today and face tomorrow with hope and courage.


11 Responses to “A Swan”

  1. LM Says:

    If one is happy, positive to start off with.. then basically that adds to a layer of protection against the negative aspects.

    That’s so true. Thanks & HUGS, LM. 😀

  2. zeroimpact Says:

    I believe I have a few photos of swans too…
    Yes, we should build with the constructive criticism and discard the non constructive ones
    But then again sometimes the non constructive ones can shed a light to things too…
    Hope and courage has always been with you, of coz you can have some of mine too
    Take care and hugs…
    And I believe there is a song to that quote too…

    Thanks & much appreciation for offering to share your hope & courage. HUGS! 😀

    Care to share the song with me? 😉

  3. moz monster Says:

    Criticism is sometimes valid and necessary, but negative criticism is not constructive.

    Listen, be objective, and if the criticism is valid, it’s good to know and learn. Grow from there.

    Negative criticism? Let it bounce off you. Be the swan – don’t get wet.

    Thanks so much for your words of wisdom, Moz. HUGS! 😀

    Btw, I am the swan. 😉

  4. Gallivanter Says:

    What about people who drink, burp, cuss, act a fool like one Homer Simpson? Has he gone far in life? 😛

    Hmmm.. We will have to ask Marge. 😉

  5. Ashish C. Says:

    “Even God cannot change the past.”

    Never erase the past. It acts as a reminder and teacher for your future journey. It’s no joke that most companies ask for ‘experience’ when you want a job.

    Good advice. Thanks, Ashish. 😀

    I try to be like a swan but instead of swimming I try to fly. Less risk of getting caught and roasted! 😀

    But more chances of getting shot down. Hehe.. 😆

  6. Ashish C. Says:

    Nah! I can evade plus I’ll be able to roam anywhere in the world! No sense in going round and round in just one river or lake! 🙂

    Okie Dokie! 😉

  7. lx Says:

    swans don’t get wet??? there u go … i’ve just learnt an amazing fact 😀


    the past can’t be changed but its experiences can be learnt from.

    Yup, I agree. 😀

  8. endroo G Says:

    I’m back.

    Welcome back, my friend. 😀

  9. azhan Says:

    what past is the past and its what brings you forward day by day.

    I know.. Thanks & HUGS, Azhan. 🙂 

  10. Kyels Says:

    Yes, God can’t change the past and He will not be able to erase it as well.

    Let the past serve us as a guidance in life so that we will not make the same mistakes in the future and present — again.

    Well said, Kyels. I completely agree. 😀

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