Make a New Friend

December 15, 2006

One of life’s great blessings is to relax in the comfortable presence of old friends, where we are loved and accepted simply for who we are.

We may forget, however, that it was not always so. These dear and constant ones were once “new friends”. They were sent across our paths so that we might expand our horizons and grow in new ways.


If we are wise, we will extend ourselves to others and seek to forge new friendships. The older we are, the more difficult this might seem. But the rewards are great, and we are sure to find ourselves refreshed and challenged.

Enlarge your circle of joy. Make a new friend.

This post came about after I read Ian Liew’s “Lost and Found”. I met up with Ian when I was in Melbourne. I am thankful that he is my new friend. *I think he is, too.*

Painting: “Iced Green Tea” by Carrie Graber


15 Responses to “Make a New Friend”

  1. lx Says:

    could sparks be flying in between??? 😉

    Glad to hv u back home safely, jemima!

    Sparks? What are they? LOL
    Lx, my dear, I fully assure you that there are no sparks & let this be my disclaimer before anyone else jumps to the same conclusion. 🙂


  2. Gallivanter Says:

    Make a new friend, punch a Chelski supporter. 😛

    Haha.. 😆

  3. LM Says:

    while some may stay, many will go separate ways. Its exceedingly rare to make friends that would be besides you till many years to come.

    Such is life, LM.

  4. Kyels Says:

    I made a new friend recently too and it feels good, definitely!


    I’m so happy for you, Kyels. 🙂

  5. azhan Says:

    Jemima is back! whoopeeeeeeee! wheeeeeee *screams like a mad kid just got angpau*

    i miss you!

    Hahaha.. Too bad! I’m still single & I can’t give any ang-pau yet. 😉
    HUGS! HUGS! HUGS! *That’s in replacement of the ang-pau.* 😆

  6. lx Says:

    awwww … not even a tiny sparkle? ;-p

    Never mind, the next time u meet someone, let me know i’ll assure u there will be fireworks like Guy Fawkes Day LOL

    Goodness Lx, would you rather if I had said “YES”??? LOL

    Seriously, the most important thing for me right now is that I’m contented with my life. Yes, I was depressed over a broken relationship. I’ve learnt from it & I’ve gotten over it. I’m happy now – with much encouragement from friends like yourself & many others including my very new friend, Ian.

    After all, a relationship starts from a friendship, right?

    Regarding the fireworks.. I believe you, Lx. 😉

  7. fashionasia Says:

    hehe…im sure ian is an interesting boy….
    although he thinks too much at times…kekeke… :>

    Hehehe.. well, my lips are sealed but I would love to read what he says to your comment, FA. 😉

  8. moz monster Says:

    Friends are reminders that no matter how lonely it feels, we are not out here on our own.

    Your comment reminds me of this excerpt from “Winnie the Pooh”:

    Piglet sidled up behind Pooh.
    “Pooh,” he whispered.
    “Yes, Piglet?”
    “Nothing,” said Piglet, taking Pooh’s paw.
    “I just wanted to be sure of you.”

  9. Ashish C. Says:

    Thats so true, was just thinking about it yesterday how most of the old folks have either gone on hiatus or been busy.

    Welcome back, sorry wasn’t there when you actually came back. Been busy. But had you on RSS. 🙂

    I miss the good ol days of blogging, it seemed November was a very dull month. Dun no, but Laksa on hiatus made me sorrowful. I did expand though, since I’ve got to be emperor! 😛

    Good to have ya back! 🙂

    Bloggers are ordinary human beings. We all have lives to live outside our blogs. Bloggers on hiatus will be back. Bloggers who have closed their blogs have their own personal reasons for doing so & we’ve got to respect them for that.

    Thanks for welcoming me back! HUGS! 🙂

  10. ian Says:

    lx: Don’t we all love to see people get together? LOL! But I think Jemima deserves one more matured than me for sure. I’m glad enough to be her friend.

    FA: Like I’ve written in one of my posts: “The ability to think a lot, or the capacity to ponder on intellectual complexities is a gift. Those who do not have that might not comprehend its pros and cons. But I shall constantly remind myself to wield it constructively.”

    We all have to think a lot to know what is worth thinking and what not. Those who don’t think stalls. And those who think too much, I humbly believe, will learn.

    Thanks, Ian. I don’t deserve such compliments but it feels good to know that you considered me as such. HUGS! 🙂

    I believe that to get the most out of life, besides keeping our options open, we must keep on thinking. Besides, one of our greatest wealth in life is our freedom to think.
    During the past months, I’ve done lots of thinking & I’ve learned that the greatest risk in life is in thinking too small.
    Hence, in order to be happy & have fun in life, we must be flexible in our thinking – which is a bit like mental martial arts – being ready to duck & weave, dodge & flow. 😉

  11. Ashish C. Says:

    Yeah, you’re right. But it’s sorrowful anyways…. Guess I’ve got to get over it. 🙂

    We all learn to move on & let go, Ashish.

  12. Lex Says:

    today my friend sent me a sms, “Friends are like stars”

    Don’t you think so too? *wink wink*

    I’m sure you are a twinkle in your friend’s life.. hehe

  13. nyonyapenang Says:

    i am happy i made a few frens in blogosphere and have met some of them in person. it’s a wonderful feeling.
    perhaps, i’ll get to meet up with you one day too. 🙂

    It is indeed a wonderful feeling, Kak Nyonya.
    I’ve a feeling that we’ll meet up very soon. 😉

  14. zeroimpact Says:

    Those that crosses our path
    Cherish them
    Those that made a mark
    Treasure them
    Know that you are a part of those that you had set foot in too, though not said…
    Crossing path is what we do everyday

    Well said, Matt.
    Btw, have a good trip.
    Take care & HUGS!

  15. nyonyapenang Says:

    aikksss….what happened to my earlier comment???

    i was saying that i value my friends and i am trying to make more friends. 🙂
    blogging has enriched me.
    thanks for being my friend, jemima.

    Sorry, Kak Nyonya.
    It’s my fault. After replying to all the comments this morning, I forgot to release them from moderation. A thousand apologies. 😉

    Likewise I treasure my friends, too. Blogging is just a stepping stone to friendships.

    Thanks so much for being my friend, too. HUGS! 😀

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