A New Year Prayer

January 1, 2007


God grant us this year a wider view,
So we see others’ faults through the eyes of You.
Teach us to judge not with hasty tongue,
Neither the adult … nor the young.

Give us patience and grace to endure
And a stronger faith so we feel secure.
Instead of remembering, help us forget
The irritations that caused us to fret.

Freely forgiving for some offense
And finding each day a rich recompense.
In offering a friendly, helping hand
And trying in all ways to understand;

That all of us whoever we are …
Are trying to reach an unreachable star.
For the great and small … the good and bad,
The young and old … the sad and glad

Are asking today; Is life worth living?
The answer is only in, loving and giving.
For only Love can make man kind
And Kindness of Heart brings Peace of Mind.

By giving love, we can start this year
To lift the clouds of hate and fear.

– Helen Steiner Rice –


May your New Year be filled with love and kindness.


20 Responses to “A New Year Prayer”

  1. lx Says:

    Happy New Year, Jemima 😉 Always inspirational!

    Happy New Year, Lx. Glad you like it. 🙂

  2. zeroimpact Says:

    I like the piece very much
    I wish that only good things will happen to you and everyone else
    May the days in this year make you smile and laugh always
    Living life to the fullest this year by being happy
    I’m not sure if this is relevant but hey you make me smile when I feel you smile at times

    Thank you, Matt.. Your kind words of encouragement never cease to touch me.. & today.. they made me smile even more. 🙂

  3. Che-Cheh Says:

    Happy New Year JEM!…wohoooo

    Happy New Year, Che-Cheh. 🙂

  4. sengkor Says:

    happy new year, jemima.. may u get the best in the years to come..

    Welcome, Sengkor.

    Happy New Year & all the best to you, too. 🙂

  5. Ashish C. Says:

    Happy New Year Jems!! Love & Light!

    Happy New Year, Ashish. 🙂

  6. kenJJ Says:

    Happy New Year, Jemima. May God bless you and guide you throughout the year.

    Happy New Year, KenJJ. Thanks for the blessings. 🙂

  7. nyonyapenang Says:

    what a beautiful prayer to start the year.
    thanks a lot, I feel so good after reading it. 🙂

    I’m glad you like it & it’s my pleasure that I’m able to share, Kak. 😉

  8. Gallivanter Says:

    Selamat menyambut tahun baru! 🙂

    Sama-sama, Encik Daniel.

    Psst! How many ladies have you said “Dangsinul saranghee yo!” to??? 😉

  9. Sha Says:

    Happy new year, Love *hugs*

    Happy New Year & HUGS! 🙂

  10. Uncle Lee Says:

    Play it sam….play it for Jemima, “As time goes by”.
    Here’s looking at you, Kid! Happy New year!

    Hahaha.. Happy New Year, Uncle Lee. 🙂

  11. merv Says:

    Arrr!!! I be back on the online world! I hope.

    Happy New Year Jemima!!

    Hehe.. No more withdrawal symptoms, I see.. 😉

    Happy New Year, Merv! 🙂

  12. ilene ong Says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Jemima. Hop blog from Uncle Lee’s. You know, you and I started our blogs about the same time? You’ve got very interesting articles. Have a blessed 2007.

    Welcome Ilene. 🙂

    May I have the url to your blog, please? Thanks.

    Happy New Year & happy blogging. 🙂

  13. ilene ong Says:

    Free please do drop by at http://greetingsfromilene-myfirst.blogspot.com/. However, my blog is not as sophisticated as yours as I’m still learning and trying on how to do some modifications. Where do you get those pictures published in each of your articles? Can share ah?

    Haha.. you had me in stitches. There is nothing sophisticated about my blog. It’s just simple & straightforward.
    Most pictures are downloaded from the internet whereas there are some from my own collection – I use them for my work/projects.

  14. meekiee Says:

    Xin Nian Kuai Le Jem!


    Oii Oii Oii.. I hope that whatever you had written is something good.. 😉
    I don’t understand a single word ‘cos I don’t read nor write chinese/mandarin.

  15. Lex Says:

    hey… i know this is coming late from me.. but happy new year! cheers and hugs

    Better late than never, Lex.. hehe

    Happy New Year & HUGS! 🙂

  16. Joycelyn Says:

    Jemima,Happy New Year!Have a joyful and fruitful year ahead.May your dreams come true.

    Happy New Year & thanks for your wonderful wishes, Joycelyn. 🙂

  17. endroo G Says:

    Jem, thats happy new year in Chinese that meekiee commented.

    Thanks, Endroo. 🙂

    Happy 2007 to you.

    Meekiee: Happy New Year! 🙂

  18. meekiee Says:

    Endroo: a blind leading a blind. haha. Hey. That’s more than a happy new year ler!!!!
    Jem: there you go…thank me for mandarin lesson now. LOL

    祝你身体健康,(May you have good health)
    万事如意!(Everything works smoothly)
    笑脸迎人!(Smile always)

    *抱抱* (THIS IS HUG HUG!!!)

    Thanks very much, Meekiee. But.. don’t expect me to sit for a test, ya? LOL

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  20. Goop // Jemima Says:

    il luv uuu

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