Unbreak My Heart

February 8, 2007


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15 Responses to “Unbreak My Heart”

  1. jo Says:

    Jem, take care of yourself ya. Dont be so sad. Things will be alright soon. *hug*

    Thanks. Hugs!

  2. LX Says:

    Rise, step onto the middle of an open field, close your eyes, open up your arms, breath deeply in, feel the sunshine on your face and listen to the air around you.

    You’ll feel better soon, sweet one.


    Thanks. I will. Hugs!

  3. sengkor Says:

    it’s ok..


    Thanks. Hugs!

  4. Gallivanter Says:

    It will be unbroken. It will.

    Yes. It will. Hugs!

  5. Che-Cheh Says:

    Shout as loud as you want. You’ll feel a lot better.

    I did. I’ll get there. Hugs!

  6. Tine Says:

    Wishing you
    And uplifted spirit
    And a lightened heart;
    Peaceful moments
    And restful days;
    The comfort that comes from knowing
    That people care for you.


    Thanks. Hugs!

  7. moz monster Says:


    I hope you’ll feel better … *sigh*

    Thanks. Hugs!

  8. tihtahpah Says:

    yo..are u ok?


  9. Gab Says:

    be brave. time is the healer of all broken hearts. 🙂

    Thanks. HUGS!

  10. jazzee Says:

    Seriously??? Not meaning to sound stone hearted, but if this pain stems from the same source as previous postings, it really is time to seriously move on. You sound intelligent, but maybe matters of the heart are not ruled by our cerebral prowess.
    Then again, perhaps my comment is influenced by my wanting to slap Meredith Grey a few times. If you do happen to watch Grey’s Anatomy, you may understand my take on this, or are you feeling Dr Grey? I’m doing a GA marathon, thus this minor vitriol. I’ll go back to watching Weeds now…..

    oh…read “the godmother” by carrie adams.

    Yes, I have watched GA.
    For Dr McDreamy..you can slap me, too.

    Thanks for the advice & suggestion.

  11. Kyels Says:

    You will be fine soon; be strong, be tough.

    Only you can unbreak your own heart. Whatever that has happened already happened.

    Always have faith that you are a strong person.

    I agree, Kyels. No one can unbreak my heart except for myself.
    I will be fine soon. Don’t worry.
    Thanks & Hugs!

  12. zeroimpact Says:

    Take care
    I like the picture though
    Things happens for a reason and for reasons unknown to us now or may be later

    You’re looking at my broken heart, Matt.

  13. ***BIG HUGS***

    What can we do to help?

    No one can help me except myself, Dabs.
    Thanks for the offer.

    *BIG HUGS back*

  14. Kristy Says:

    Brilliant. I agree.

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