February 10, 2007



10 Responses to “Glue-less”

  1. zeroimpact Says:

    The colour of the sky and the heart as well as the glue
    It all matches
    Though it does not look to be in scale but it’s a nice one
    Have a great weekend there

    Matt, this post is filed in ‘Humour’ la.

  2. Kyels Says:

    Does the picture mean something?


  3. Jo Says:

    I wonder too.. 😉


  4. suituapui Says:

    Never mind that u can’t find someone with glue.
    After all, some glue doesn’t stick, some glue can cause a mess, so….. just tell urself this:

    I’m wiser now
    I’m not the foolish girl you used to know
    So long ago
    I’m stronger now
    I’ve learned from my mistakes which way to go
    And I should know
    I put myself aside to do it your way
    But now I need to do it all alone

    It’s over now
    I can’t go back to living through your eyes
    Too many lines
    And if you don’t know by now
    I can’t go back to being someone else
    Not anymore
    I never had a chance to do things my way
    So now it’s time for me to take control

    Oh I start again go back to one
    I’m running things in my way
    Can’t stop me now, I’ve just begun
    Don’t even think about it
    There ain’t no way about it
    I’m taking names, the ones of mine
    Yes I’m gonna take my turn
    It’s time for me to finally stand alone, stand alone

    I am not afraid to try it on my own
    And I don’t care if I’m right or wrong
    I’ll live my life the way I feel
    No matter what I’m gonna keep it real you know
    It’s time for me to do it
    See I’m not afraid

    Hehehe.. Suituapui, thanks for making me smile. 😀
    From Mariah Carey to Whitney Houston, what more can I ask for? 😛
    Thanks again for the song.. I’m looking forward to your next visit (song). 😉

  5. LX Says:

    wear and tear adds character 😉

    Hmmm.. I never thought of that. 😛

  6. gosnellspcyc Says:

    I hope that guys tube of toothpaste helps that lady with the broken heart.

    Maybe it will freshen her breath and make her bad breath go away so people will want to kiss her! 🙂

    Mmmmm, minty love!

    Hahaha.. That’s funny, mate. 😆

  7. nyonyapenang Says:

    is that fella with the huge tube of glue the heartbreaker?

    No, Kak. He isn’t.

  8. Gallivanter Says:

    What a great picture! 🙂

    Glad you like it, Dan. 🙂

    p/s Hope you are feeling better. Hugs.

  9. […] on 15 Feb 2007 at 12:06 am | Tagged as: Personal This post is inspired by a picture I saw at Jemima’s blog, thus I’m gonna “steal” it from her. Thanks […]

  10. I just realised. I was logged in from the Work Blog when I wrote my comment.

    Gosnells PCYC [Police and COmmunity Youth Centre] is my work blog. 🙂 [Just in case I start doing it on a regular basis!]

    Note to self: Learn to LOG OUT!!!! lol Bodoh Dabido! 🙂

    I did guessed it was you but I didn’t acknowledged you then – just in case, that will cause any inconveniences. 😛

    Thanks for the clarification, Dabs.

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