February 12, 2007

Breakfast in bed… in a luxurious hotel.

A smile on your face… that tells me things that go beyond words.

My precious feelings for you… that go beyond love.

We’re not disturbed… for hours.

In the afternoon… we spend hours… just talking… holding hands… drinking hot chocolate… in your favourite sanctuary… feeling very much at peace.

You talk me into… giving you… a long, happy, heartfelt hug.

One of us whispers… “I love you.”

The other knows… it’s true.

It would be great… to live in a moment like that.

But, the reality is… this is only what my heart desires…

… a Special Fantasy.

If we could do anything – anything at all – what would your heart desire?


No matter where we may be, I want you to know that nothing would make me happier than spending Valentine’s Day… just cuddling up with you.

Anyway, that’s just my Valentine Fantasy.

Painting: “My Soft Purple Dream” by Aldo Luongo


10 Responses to “Fantasy”

  1. zeroimpact Says:

    I like the tint of purple, one of my favourite colours
    Yes, the moment is where we should be living in
    Not the past nor the future
    The special moment
    The moment of fantasy
    May this fantasy be real for all

    Real for all??? I think the others may have their own fantasies – very different from this one.
    Besides, I’m sure that your own fantasy is totally different, too.

  2. Kyels Says:

    I’ve desires too; but I guess there’s no point thinking about them. It won’t do any good just fantasizing.

    “It won’t do any good just fantasizing.”

    Kyels, are you suggesting that I put my fantasy into action???

    Seriously, I doubt it. It’s just a fantasy & like some dreams, it won’t come true.

  3. Gallivanter Says:

    Those aren’t fantasies, just dreams waiting to happen. 😉 *HUGS*

    Hehehe.. Thanks, Dan. 😉

  4. jo Says:

    It is depends on how much you desires it for it to becomes real 😉

    That’s true, Jo. 🙂

  5. suituapui Says:

    Long day and I’m ready – I’m waiting for your call
    ‘Cos I’ve made up my mind
    My heart aches with a hunger and the want that you were mine
    No I cannot deny

    So for one night, is it alright
    That I give… you
    My heart, my love, my heart
    Just for one night
    My body, my soul
    Just for one night
    My love, my love
    For one night, one night, one night

    When morning awakes me
    Well I know I’ll be alone
    And I feel I’ll be fine
    So don’t you worry about me
    I’m not empty on my own
    For inside I’m alive

    That for one night, it was so right
    That I gave… you
    My heart (my heart…), my love, my heart
    Just for one night (one night…)
    My body, my soul
    Just for one night (one night…)
    My love, I loved
    For one night (one night…), one night, one night

    [Guitar solo]

    For one night, it was so right
    That I gave… you
    My heart (my heart), my love, my heart
    Just for one night (one night…)
    My body, my soul
    Just for one night (one night…)
    My love, my love
    For one night (one night), one night, one night
    One night…

    Ohhhh.. Suituapui, the Corrs.. I love them. Thanks!!! 🙂

    Yes, if only.. I can live my fantasy for just one night.. *sigh*

  6. LX Says:

    end poverty, disarm nations, create a world of global citizens with no boundaries and spread peace and love to all 😉 Very Ms. World I know, but what the heck, it’s a fantasy right?

    LOL.. I bet you didn’t even listen to what they said..
    You were too buzy oggling at the beauties la.. 😆

  7. Lex Says:

    wooo.. love is in the air. hehe..

    Lex, you’re out-of-date with my life..

  8. Keropok Says:

    Hope you’re felling better.
    Happy Valentine’s… enjoy the commercialism so often confused with romance!

    Happy Valentine’s to you & Mrs.. 🙂
    You know me… I’m all for romance. Check out this link..

    I’m feeling much better. Thanks for caring! Hugs!

  9. Lex Says:

    oh yesh… way outdated 😛 sorry lahh, I’vent been visiting often anyway hehehe…

    happy valentines hope you will get lots of love 🙂

    that didn’t really sound very right. hehe


    No problem, Lex. 🙂
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too.

  10. I hugged a pizza on valentines day and the oil burnt me. Last time I follow one of my dreams. Yours sounds a lot better! 🙂

    LOL.. Thanks, Dabs. Hugs!

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