When Feelings Go Astray

February 13, 2007

I can never put my heart away without losing myself.

When I hide from my feelings, I hide from my life.

More pain is caused from hiding the truth than from anything else.

I’ve got to make peace with my feelings in order to catch up with my life, for the difficulty I have in expressing my feelings becomes the hard life I live.

Hurt that is buried often becomes anger directed at myself.

The angry feelings I fear to express become dark thoughts that plague me.

When feelings are withheld, it is easy to confuse guilt with love and obligation with preference.

The strength I feel comes from the truth I tell about the way I feel.

I need to be strong to feel safe enough to cry.

When I close down my feelings, I  only widen my exposure to pain.

When I feel my pain, my life will open up again.


I am everything I experience. I am everything I feel.

I always have love to give.

 If I were offered anything I want in life, the first thing I’d look for was you. If you weren’t part of the deal, I wouldn’t think twice about it – I’d have chosen you.

Since I can’t have you for my valentine, the world and all its riches mean nothing to me.


10 Responses to “When Feelings Go Astray”

  1. Che-Cheh Says:

    Awwwwww :((

    Don’t worry. I’m ok, my friend.

  2. Jo Says:

    Valentine Day is not only meant for couple.. it is a special day to celebrate love ..to your family members, friends etc. Even if you cant celebrate with him, you can still celebrate it with your loved ones..

    Thanks, Jo. I can’t help but wonder why isn’t God on your list??? He’s on mine.

  3. zeroimpact Says:

    Feelings are very personal
    Only reveal them when you are comfortable
    Love is what we can give
    Take care and stay safe

    Matthew, you know how I feel.. although you can never feel the same way I feel.

  4. merv Says:

    Another will come. Keep your eyes peeled out =)

    My panda eyes??? Hahaha…

  5. tihtahpah Says:

    ‘I’ve got to make peace with my feelings in order to catch up with my life, for the difficulty I have in expressing my feelings becomes the hard life I live.’
    i love this line…… it’s true, we have to come into terms with our own feelings, sorting and filtering it…we can never overcome it unless we acknowledge it.

    Thanks, Tihtahpah. 🙂

  6. Lex Says:

    awww… okay, i’m feeling mushy already hehehe…

    one big hug for you…

    someday honey… 🙂

    Thanks, Lex.

  7. alison Says:

    erm… a few clicks & here i am, not sure whats the real deal… but sending you lotsa hugs and love! 🙂

    Welcome, Alison.

    Thanks for your hugs & love. 🙂
    *hugs back*

  8. ~TheAngel~ Says:

    Happy V day in advance :heart:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too. 🙂

  9. Kyels Says:

    Sometimes, it hurts when the love you have for someone is unrequited. But nevertheless always remember that you have the will to love. It takes time; open your heart, someone true will come to you … Always believe.

    Thanks, Kyels. I do believe…

  10. Dee Says:

    You echo how I feel 😦

    Much hugs.

    Honestly,having have loved and lost,I think it’s better than not knowing what it is all about.It’s only when you have lost it then you realise the value of it,they say.So,we’re champions..heh…in knowing that we have loved,although we may not “have” or “own” that love.

    That’s so true, Dee.
    I’ve no regrets… of having the chance to love him.
    That love will be an unforgotten chapter of my life.

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