February 21, 2007


Your expectations rob you of joy more than your failures do.

Expectations create disappointment in the middle of success by allowing you to feel that, because good is not great, it is not good at all.

The expectation of failure is failure.

When you expect to lose, you hunt for the signs of loss  and react to them as proof of your failure, missing success in the process.

If you don’t expect anything, withholding people will not disappoint you.

If you expect too much, even giving people will let you down.

It is a difficult balance to attain, being open and being alert.

You want to experience life’s joys without being suspicious or jaded.

And you don’t want to be hurt.

Innocence doesn’t anticipate deceit.

That is why children can be so blissful.

Still, like everyone else, you learn that even the best plans can go amiss and that the love you once believed would last forever can fade.

There’s no surprise as shocking as discovering something you never expected to face.

You need to protect yourself without diminishing your openness.

The sting of betrayal is in the innocence it destroys.

Lowering your expectations raises your integrity.


Everything makes sense. But only good makes it right.

Cartoon: http://www.claybennett.com/


10 Responses to “Expectations”

  1. ianfluenza Says:

    I expected nothing less to read this from you… LOL!

    Hahaha.. cute la, you. 😛

  2. zeroimpact Says:

    Expectation is inborn, it’s how we deal with it that counts
    I expect myself to be cute, but then again, I don’t think so

    Blimey!!! Are you sure you want to be cute as in cute cute??? 😛

  3. Sha Says:

    I have high expectations from myself and the things I get myself into. Needless to say, when Failure comes knocking, it’s tough 🙂

    The higher your expectations.. the tougher they get.. not only in times of failure but also when one is trying to achieve those expectations in the first place.

  4. Gallivanter Says:

    I’d always say anticipate, but don’t expect…cause the best things in life are unexpected… 😉

    *smiles* *hugs*

  5. I expect to wake up in the morning. I figure that way I’ll only get disappointed once, and every other day my expectations are met! 🙂

    Hehe.. 🙂

  6. moz monster Says:

    I expect expectations. It’s a healthy way of keeping myself on my toes. At least I know something is being asked of me !

    But I don’t let myself get obsessed with unrealistic expectations. I always set them a little lower, so I have every chance of over achieving !

    Thanks for sharing your own personal expectations, Moz. 🙂

  7. C. Doodle Says:

    You can expect humsap posts from me. LOL

    Duh! 😛

  8. Gab Says:

    No expectations = lame life


    Lame life = no expectations?

    Either way, expectations drive us to a certain level of achievements. But do it subtly, too much, it wrecks havoc. 😉

    Hehe.. interesting formula you got there, my friend. 🙂

  9. Lex Says:

    No expectations = no dissapointments 😀

    I think having no expectations for myself definitely helped me out being happy about things around me at times 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your own experiences, Lex.

  10. endroo G Says:

    Expect the unexpected !

    Yep, Endroo. 😛

    Just like you & Ttpah. 😉

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