February 24, 2007

“I think you are trying to control me.” 

I never did. You’ve always been free. You still are and you’ll always be.


Man is free the moment he wishes to be.  – Voltaire –

Painting: “Icarus Fallen” by Julianna

One Response to “Free”

  1. Wow! Coincedence. That song I quoted yesterday [the one you said sounded nice], is called Icarus Wings. Then today you use Icarus for an image!
    Here are the lyrics:

    Icarus Wings

    Verse One

    And I work through the night,
    To make these wings,
    From wax and string,
    In the hope I will fly,


    For you,
    I throw myself into,
    The sky of blue.
    In the hope that maybe,
    My love will break through,

    I take these Icarus Wings,
    And I try,
    I try to make,
    All your dreams come true.

    Verse Two

    And in dark of night,
    I’m practically blind,
    I’m working with Candle Light,
    To Guide,
    My Way.

    Repeat Chorus


    You mean everything to me,
    And I’ll be,
    Everything for you,
    You mean,
    Everything to me,
    And I’ll be everything for you.
    Into the Sky.

    Lead Break on Guitar

    Verse Three

    Into the Sky
    Into the Sky

    Repeat Chorus

    And I Fly,
    But all I ever get,
    Is abuse,
    From you,
    And I’m wondering,
    Am I the only fool,
    Who would risk my life,
    My life for you,
    To try to make,
    All your dreams come true.

    Repeat Bridge

    It is indeed a coincidence.
    Thanks for sharing, Dabs.
    I like the lyrics. 🙂

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