Appreciate what You have

March 6, 2007

Many people spend their lives searching for happiness.

In the end, some are fortunate enough to realize that it isn’t about having more, doing more, or being more.

It is about how you view what is already yours.

Look around you today, and appreciate the riches that has been placed in your life.

Even if your circumstances are troubling and your prospects slim, you can always revel in the vibrant colours of the morning sunrise or the amazing tenacity of a dandelion fighting to find its place in the sun.


When you begin to see and appreciate the richness around you, you will almost certainly find that you have a great deal more to feel hopeful about than you once imagined.

Appreciating what you have is one way to keep your hopes up.


10 Responses to “Appreciate what You have”

  1. moz monster Says:

    I’m so happy I have me, my health, my love, my family and friends around me.

    These things don’t have price tags on them, but they are what defines my happiness.

    I’m happy that you’re happy with what you’ve got, Moz. 🙂

  2. nyonyapenang Says:

    why are they searching for happiness?
    it’s because they don’t know what happiness is.
    and why don’t they know what happiness is?
    it’s because they don’t know what sadness is.

    have a great day, jemima. 🙂

    Wah! Kak Nyonya has been on a poetic rant lately. 😛

    I wish you a fabulous day, too. 🙂

  3. Kyels Says:

    Everyone go around searching for happiness; but they don’t know that it is always there, just beside us. It all matters on how do you choose to perceive things.


    That’s true, Kyels. 🙂

  4. zeroimpact Says:

    They are things that are gained and not accquired
    Appreciation is one of it
    To be able to appreciate is a gift but one that can be learned as well
    Appreciate all the finer things in life and happiness will follow

    Good friends who cares & loves me is one of the riches in my life. They make me happy, Matt. 🙂

  5. C. Doodle Says:

    I focus and concentrated on that flower for a while…
    Voices!! I heard voices…….

    CIS!!! 😛

  6. Shez Says:

    People often want it exist in a huge form; touchable and significant. That’s why mostly unable to realize that the happiness is always there.

    Be happy~ 😀

    You be happy, too.. Shez. 🙂

  7. tihtahpah Says:

    appreciating what’s around us….even that annoying sis or cousin…:)

    They are still family.. no matter how irritating they can be.. 😉

  8. LX Says:

    Sometimes nothing is good 😉

    I agree.. 🙂

  9. Gallivanter Says:

    I’ve been preaching this for as long as I can remember…APPRECIATE LIFE! 🙂

    Hear! Hear! 😀

  10. I appreciate the fact I can complain about things I don’t appreciate. 😉


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