How You See the World

March 12, 2007


Is the glass half-full? Or is it half empty?

Both answers are wrong because each is biased.

The correct answer is that the glass contains water.

The same amount of water would be overlooked in a barrel and overflow a thimble. What is the point?

You perceive the world in relative terms because you grew up in relationship to other people. Your family had more or less than other families, and you complained that a sibling was treated better because he or she got more. More meant good. Less meant bad.

Reality is not relative, but the way you see it is.

If you feel rejected and at the bottom of life’s ladder, you find evidence wherever you look that the world is a dark and hopeless place. And you are wrong.

When you have truimphed and found love, been promoted to the coveted position, and are celebrated in the press, you think the world is a place of unlimited possibility and wonder. And you are just as wrong.

The world is neither good nor bad.

It simply is.

You, too, have the potential to be good and bad.

Cherish your good and build upon it. Neither ignore your weakness nor despise it.

Live in the empty and full part of your life at the same time.

Are you an optimist? Or are you a pessimist?


8 Responses to “How You See the World”

  1. Tine Says:

    It’s funny but I never understood the ‘glass half empty/half full’ bit. Half empty or half full … it’s HALF lah! 😛

    (I’m obviously taking it in the literal sense, but I just find it real funny when people start talking about half full/empty glasses, hehe :P)

    LOL… no problem at all, Tine. 🙂
    Thanks for making me laugh. 😆

  2. Keropok Says:

    The way the weather is going now, I could drink that water in no time. Then the glass will REALLY be empty.

    In truth, I’m a make-it-happen kinda guy, so I guess I’d be an optimist. Half full!

    Cheers to that, mate! 😛

  3. zeroimpact Says:

    We are all optimist and pessimist at the same time
    No one can be optimist or pessimist all the time
    There is no good if there is no bad
    There is no bad if there is no good
    There is no happiness if there is no sorrow
    There is no sorrow if there is no happiness
    There is life
    There is what we see
    There is what we percieve
    There is what we want to be

    Thanks, Matt.

    In accepting everything, I find myself. 🙂

  4. Gallivanter Says:

    I am an optimist by heart, but I’m realistic enough to acknowledge that life is complex. 🙂 Still, not gonna stop me from believing.

    And stay away from the indecisive and pessimistic, they’ll only shorten your life, help them the best that you can, but don’t hang around them for too long else their attitude will only drag you down.

    Surround yourself with optimists, and people with capes. 😛

    Thanks, Dan. HUGS!

    I’ll remember my superman, batman & even spiderman (although he is capeless). 😀

  5. Kyels Says:

    It is how we want to perceive the glass of water; whether it is full or half-full.

    The world is perceived by our own eyes. No one can tell us what we should and should not see.

    “No one can tell us what we should and should not see.”

    My exact sentiments. Thanks, Kyels. 🙂

  6. Che-Cheh Says:

    Yes true. It depends how we see things.


  7. The glass is over engineered for its purpose! 🙂

    Hmmm.. that’s an interesting point of view. 🙂

  8. C. Doodle Says:

    Glass? what glass?? Voices…..I hear voices…..!!

    Wake up! Wake up! You’re having a bad dream! *shakes C.Doodle*

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