March 16, 2007

I am in a sanctuary where nobody knows my name.

This could be someone ‘s sactuary where everybody knows his name.

I do not know for sure as I am a total stranger here and I am not staying long.

There are moments in friendship, as in love, when silence is beyond words. The faults of our friend may be clear to us, but it is well to seem to shut our eyes to them.

Friendship is usually treated by the majority of mankind as a tough and everlasting thing which will survive all manner of bad treatment. But this is an exceedingly great and foolish error; it may die in an hour of a single unwise word…

Marie Louise de la Ramee (Ouida)


Diane Lane, a fave actress of many.

I wonder if she has her own sanctuary or if she is like me.

You can only wonder, too.

Note: My fairytale does not have a happy ending. It has to be rewritten.