April 28, 2007

A very good friend texted me this morning and said that she wishes to be somewhere… where nobody knows her.  She just wants to get away from everybody.

I have been having the same wish as her for the last few weeks and it is now time for me to leave for that somewhere…

I hope I won’t be away for long. I love this blog & I love you all very much. This blog is exactly 9 months old today and it is 4 posts short of its 200th post. I started this blog to get out of depression and never did it cross my mind that I will leave it for the same reason. I don’t know when or if I will ever be back. All I know is this……


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The Enemy in You

April 28, 2007

The best horror stories are about someone familiar, someone “good”, turning into a monster: Jekyll and Hyde, The Body Snatchers, etc.

It really shouldn’t surprise us that the people we know and love can hurt us the most – and we in turn, can hurt most the people we know.

Anger can destroy not only the people around us, but it can become a monster that eats at our very souls.


Cookie Monster

My wish for you..

April 28, 2007


A Letter to Myself

April 27, 2007


Dear Jemima,

Just in case you were not sure of what you are supposed to do, this is a reminder.

Save yourself. That’s the reason for your being here. That’s why you have feelings – to save yourself.

Your fear warns you of danger. Your hurt tells you to get out of the line of fire. Your anger energizes your defenses. But sometimes you ignore them.

You stay in situations where you feel threatened because you put other people’s feelings first. You bury your hurt because you doubt yourself and are afraid that you will suffer even more if you speak out. You turn your anger against yourself because you are unwilling to take a stand.

You were placed inside you to save yourself. Don’t wait for help. Help yourself. Don’t cry to be rescued. Climb to safety. You don’t need to make a case.

Just trust your feelings and follow them.


Painting: “Memories” by Carrie Graber

What Other People Think

April 26, 2007

What other people think is only what other people think.

Other people are just as confused as you are, just as insecure, just as frightened, just as likely to make mistakes, to be envious, jealous, or self-deceiving, and, therefore, just as likely to distort what they hear and see.


First of all, what other people think about you is none of your business.

Remember that.

But if you must know what other people think, it has more to do about how they feel about themselves than how they feel about you.

Other people are probably wondering what you think of them.

Think about that.

What I think of myself is all that matters.

I value myself. I remember my goodness.