Know Yourself

April 9, 2007

I wrote this in early January for my good friend, Ian. However, I need to reflect on it for now.


You are the sum total of everything you did, thought, said, dreamed, avoided, embraced, abandoned, disputed, suffered, felt, expressed, withheld, promised, lost, gained, owned, borrowed, inherited, stole, needed, and loved.

There is no avoiding yourself.

You are all the good.

All the bad.

The times spent in joyous rapture.

The days of mourning and lamentation.

You are your soul.

Your body is just a vessel – abused by self-deception and wearing the telling marks of indifferent upkeep, reflecting your resistance to accepting and knowing yourself.

What use is it to dispute what everyone else knows?

What is to be gained by denying what you know in your heart?

You are as good as you are and your faults are plenty.

Come, accept yourself.

The day is young and there is time yet to play.

I am all of me. Nothing is missing.

Painting: “Nuances of Light” by Carrie Graber