I have never tried to control your life.

I have always allowed you to be what you are.

I have always allowed people to be what they are.

You cannot control your life, you can only do what’s right in each moment.

Your approach to the moments becomes your life.

What can you control that is really worth anything?

The best things are free, but you need to be free to enjoy them.

Love is either free or it is not love.

You have to be free to give and receive.

The feeling you try to control, controls you.

You cannot control others without losing their love.

If you protect someone else from pain, you destroy his or her motivation.

If you hold the upper hand over others, you cannot love them, you can only abuse them.

When you use anything but acceptance to get your way, you’re only manipulating others.

You can’t buy love without paying interest for the rest of your life.

When you have to pay for love, you’re only controlled in return.

Release your grip.

Loosen your hold.

Let it all be.

Declare what you want.

Risk rejection and failure.

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