What Other People Think

April 26, 2007

What other people think is only what other people think.

Other people are just as confused as you are, just as insecure, just as frightened, just as likely to make mistakes, to be envious, jealous, or self-deceiving, and, therefore, just as likely to distort what they hear and see.


First of all, what other people think about you is none of your business.

Remember that.

But if you must know what other people think, it has more to do about how they feel about themselves than how they feel about you.

Other people are probably wondering what you think of them.

Think about that.

What I think of myself is all that matters.

I value myself. I remember my goodness.

13 Responses to “What Other People Think”

  1. Tine Says:

    Yeah well said. Can you imagine how stressful it would be if we keep wondering and worrying about what people think of us? I definitely don’t need the added stress 🙂

    Thanks for sharing my sentiments, Tine. 🙂

  2. alison Says:

    ahahahahah… cool pic! thats what i think lah! 🙂

    Hehehe… 😉

  3. Wennnn Says:

    Hmm ppl have rite to voice their thots but whether we accept it or not is still up to us lor… They can think watever they like becoz we can’t control it.. As long as we are comfortable with wat we are why bother to think wat ppl think… Wennn dun care..but I supot U…

    Thanks for your support, Wennnn. 🙂

  4. lx Says:

    JEMIMAAAAAAAAAAAA … I’m back and doing my rounds again! I hope for some semblance of normalcy in my life … well, at least for the next couple of weeks. Anyways, re. ur post … the best I can illustrate it is this … ;-)http://www.chriswylde.com/alfred_e_neuman.jpg

    Welcome back, Lx.
    Thanks for the link. Will check it out. 😉

  5. moz monster Says:

    You know … half the time when we worry about what people think of us, it turns out that the ‘people’ are actually thinking something else and we’re just worrying about it ourselves.

    Just be what is right. You’ll be fine. =)

    I know, Moz. 😉
    And I also know that I’ll be fine. 😀

  6. shanobyl Says:

    I’ve never really cared abt what others thought. Because they don’t know better anyway.

    That’s a great attitude, Sha. 🙂

  7. zeroimpact Says:

    Everything will fall when you think ill of yourself
    Think otherwise and none from other will affect you

    Wise advice, Mattz.
    Thanks. 🙂

  8. zewt Says:

    you got me thinking about what you were thinking when you wrote about this think entry.

    You won’t want to know, Zewt. 😛

  9. Weird! I have to give a small speach on Monday night in front of the Police Commissioner, the Mayor and numerous other BIG WIGS. My boss told me to imagine them in their underwear … and somehow It’s started to happen. I really am seeing people walking around in their underwear … if not I’ve developed X-Ray vision! 🙂

    LOL 😆
    Thanks, Dabs.

  10. Anneesa Says:

    Hi Jemima! It’s been a while since I left a comment on your blog.

    I’ve been silently reading though 😉 You’re still a fave of mine.

    This is post is related to a post I wrote a few days ago when someone left a mocking comment on my blog. I got angry and I retaliated. Later I questioned myself, why should I even bother? If she doesn’t like me and how I practise my faith, skruit. I’m happy the way I am and that’s how it matters, like you said.

    This post knocked some sense 🙂 Thanks Jemima!


    Dear Anneesa,
    Yes, I know that you have become a silent reader & I have missed your comments.
    Thanks for sharing your own experience here with me & others. 🙂
    I’m glad you like this post, too. 😉

  11. Winn Says:

    what i think isnt wat other ppl think. in fact i wasnt thinking and they tot i did…..

    Thanks, Winn.
    I know that happens.. sometimes.

  12. Yvy Says:

    woman….are you sure you’re not some philosophy guru incarnate arr? i like how u think. 🙂

    Hahaha.. Yvy, I wish I am. 😛
    Thanks for the compliments.

  13. Cocka Doodle Says:

    i think you are as shapely as that girl in the picture.

    I wish. I really wish, CD. 😛

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