April 28, 2007

A very good friend texted me this morning and said that she wishes to be somewhere… where nobody knows her.  She just wants to get away from everybody.

I have been having the same wish as her for the last few weeks and it is now time for me to leave for that somewhere…

I hope I won’t be away for long. I love this blog & I love you all very much. This blog is exactly 9 months old today and it is 4 posts short of its 200th post. I started this blog to get out of depression and never did it cross my mind that I will leave it for the same reason. I don’t know when or if I will ever be back. All I know is this……


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The Enemy in You

April 28, 2007

The best horror stories are about someone familiar, someone “good”, turning into a monster: Jekyll and Hyde, The Body Snatchers, etc.

It really shouldn’t surprise us that the people we know and love can hurt us the most – and we in turn, can hurt most the people we know.

Anger can destroy not only the people around us, but it can become a monster that eats at our very souls.


Cookie Monster

My wish for you..

April 28, 2007