You are like Stars

May 2, 2007


Please don’t get excited, my dearest friends. I am still “somewhere” in depression. It takes time but I am confident I can overcome it with your endless support, care, concern & love.

The two worst things about being in depression is my inability to sleep & the tightness that I get in my chest. Sometimes it is so tight that all I can feel is PAIN.

I will be travelling early tomorrow morning. I will take care, my friends. I will be fine & I will be back.

Before I leave, I would like to thank in no particular order.. my following friends.

Kak Nyonyapenang for her very wise advice & guidance. 

CD for making me laugh.

Sengkor for cheering me with his text messages & allowing me to punch him. *punch punch*

Kyels for sending me some very beautiful jazz music.

Tine, Misti & Daniel for their endless encouragement & helping me to be strong.

Dabido for his useful suggestion.

Wennnn, Lex, Alison, Beetrice & _butt for their well-wishes.

Ian for “crying” with me & for wishing that the world would be a lot less shittier after we had cried.

Endroo G for posting To Jem With Love for me.

Thank you also to everyone else who wishes me well from your hearts.

HUGS HUGS HUGS to all of you.

Lastly, I have a message for a female blogger who frequents my blog. You said that I am not good enough to be his friend. Well, it is none of your f**king business. So, please stop trying to hurt me by bitching about it. You don’t have any right to judge me.

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