A Two-edged Sword

May 14, 2007

Do you travel for either business or pleasure? Many of us do from time to time. Some people travel constantly.


Travel is a two-edged sword – it can be exciting and enriching, but it can also be draining and unsettling.

As I find myself away from home and loved ones, and missing the support and comforts I am accustomed to, anxiety can arise. And then there are the crowded airports and busy, unfamiliar roads to contend with. Where can peace be found on the road?

The wise man travels to discover himself – JR Lowell –

I travel often. I wrote this while I was waiting for my plane last week.


17 Responses to “A Two-edged Sword”

  1. moz monster Says:

    Yeah … travel is a bit of both … it’s both a blessing and sometimes a curse. I see it more as a blessing though.

    The world is too small to just be in one place !

    Yep, we don’t want to be suffocated by staying too long in one place. 😛
    Hence, I do see it more as a blessing, Moz. 😉

  2. winn Says:

    u mean mind travelling??

    Hehe.. Cikgu Winn memang pandai. 😛

  3. ben Says:

    I like to travel leh. but hor, too bad no money kekekekek 😀

    Most of my trips are for work, Ben.
    Hence, paid by the company. 😉
    However, I try to go on a holiday – once a year – if I’m lucky to get away. 🙂

  4. Gallivanter Says:

    Traveling is in my blood, yes, it may be tiring, but I disregard that, it’s better to be physically tired from traveling than mentally tired from not traveling. 🙂

    That’s true, Dan. 😛
    But, if for holidays, I honestly don’t mind.. ‘coz I tend to take a stress-free holiday. 😉

  5. Vern Says:

    I like to travel…. but got no $$$$$$…. Though mom and dad do surprise us from time to time by planning overseas trips! I would really love to go backpacking one day.

    I’m sure you’ll have plenty of such chances in the near future, Vern. 😉
    I did that before – all on my own – great ‘me’ time, I had. 🙂

  6. Kyels Says:

    Damn, I wish I could travel now.


    Patience, Kyels. Patience. 😉

  7. sengkor Says:

    i love to travel.. leave everything behind.. temporarily..

    I know what you mean, SK.. 😉

  8. tunkuhalim Says:

    I like travelling but only after I’ve arrived. Airports and planes are no fun. At least in a taxi you can now enjoy your new surrounds.

    Welcome, Tunku Halim. 🙂
    I agree. I enjoy even when I’m taking the train. 😛
    Hehe.. I bet you don’t even like to sit by the window when you’re in the plane. 😉

  9. Che-Cheh Says:

    You know me. I love travelling but work+travel…no idea how it feels. :PP

    Tiring! Believe me, dear. 😛

  10. zewt Says:

    travelling is also very tiring, but if you’re travelling for leisure… the bliss supersedes the fatique. but if you’re travelling due to work… then…

    I share your sentiments, Zewt. 🙂

  11. alison Says:

    i don’t travel far for work or leisure, but balik kampung to melaka is a must! 🙂

    Alison, I like Melaka. I’ve been there once. Would love to go again.. one day. 🙂

  12. _butt Says:

    hmm.. even when you’re travelling far away from close friends and family, they’re still a call away 🙂

    That’s a positive way of looking at it, _butt. 🙂

  13. fashionasia Says:

    wish i have a travelling job..
    i love travelling…
    i love airport…
    i love airport food!! kekek..yaya i know they all suck but i like the feeling of being in the airport….
    hope u had fun!!

    FA, you love being in the airport? Have you ever watched the movie “The Terminal” starring Tom Hanks? 😛

  14. may Says:

    at one time I was travelling quite a bit on business, and when that happens, they’re usually tight in timings – early flight out, late flight in kind of thing. yup… very tiring, till it almost takes out the enjoyment of actually visiting a different place, seeing new faces and learning new things.

    and the comfort of my own bed…

    May, those are my exact sentiments when it comes to overnight business trips. 😦
    Very tiring is an understatement.. at times.

  15. Lil Says:

    travelling is always an adventure for me, be it for work or for leisure… granted, at this stage it’s mostly leisure… maybe one day, when it’s all rushed and hurry and just for work, i may feel differently… for now, i’ll be happier getting stamps all over my passport! 😀

    Hehehe.. Lil, I bet there are still a few countries in Europe that you’ll still like to visit – every now & then. 😉

  16. Hi Jemima. Thanks for visiting my blog. What a great template? This is so gosh, easy on the eyes. I like it a lot. 🙂
    Traveling is rough. My missus traveled so much before. Was not a lot of fun for her and me and the kiddos roughed it out too. Glad she has not traveled as much over the last year. Traveling even affects those stuck at home. 😉

    Welcome, Simple American. 🙂
    I’m very glad to know that the template suits your eyes. 🙂

    My dad used to travel for business when my siblings & I were little. It sure ain’t easy for Mum who was stuck alone with us – having to hold the fort & everything else.

  17. Lil Says:

    a few? gosh i have tons! my list is so long right now, it’s rather unreal… 😉

    i created this last year and it hasn’t quite changed since as i was just re-visiting some countries i’ve been to before…

    Hehe.. One day, you’ll visit them all, Lil. 😉

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