Don’t Awfulize

May 15, 2007

It’s a human tendency to fear the worst. It’s a way we “inoculate” ourselves against future disappointment. But most of the time, the worst doesn’t happen. And should something bad come to pass, I must realize that I will be able to call on unexpected reserves of strength and resourcefulness when the time comes.

I must not let fear of the awful keep me from enjoying the awfully good.


“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.”                                                      – Charles Schultz –

18 Responses to “Don’t Awfulize”

  1. Sandy Says:

    I was lurking around and found your blog. Great read!

    Welcome, Sandy. 🙂
    Thank you for your kind compliments.

  2. Che-Cheh Says:

    Yes live for now. Don’t worry about tomorrow. But of coz that doesn’t mean you must live like there’s no tomorrow. Hahaha what am I babbling about.

    Hahaha.. Che-Cheh, we all know that it’s too early in the morning for you la. 😛

  3. ben Says:

    today’s worry enuf already~ live a day to the fullest tomolo, er.. wad’s tomorrow? 😛

    Hmmmm.. let me see, Ben. Today is Tuesday so tomorrow is Wednesday. 😛

  4. Gallivanter Says:

    Fearing the future shouldn’t stop us from living… 🙂

    Wanna share with you a quote…
    “What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow…”

    Hmm, suddenly am humming the tune, “The sun will come up, tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there’ll be sun”.. 😛

    That’s a great quote from Buddha & I’ve always love that song from “Annie”. 🙂
    Thanks, Dan.

  5. shanobyl Says:

    We should live in the moment. Worrying about tomorrow gets us nowhere 🙂

    Yes, Sha.. we can think about the future BUT we can only act in the present. 🙂

  6. Yvy Says:

    SEIZE THE DAY!!!! *in gungho attitude like so dahsyat lar* 😛

    Encore! Encore! *standing ovation for Yvy* 😛

  7. Kyels Says:

    Always enjoy!

    Same to you, Kyels. 😉

  8. Good thing I didn’t jump in that bathtub … I would have cracked the tub, squished the birds and snoopy, plus sent a mini-tsunami in the direction of anyone nearby!

    When unexpected cakes come my way, I buy them and eat them. It is truely remarkable the amount of inner reserves a person can muster in such times in order to eat a cake! 😉

    Dabs, you should eat to your heart’s contents since you have just lost all those kilos. 😉

  9. winn Says:

    quote for the aussies..:
    Don’t worry about the world not coming to an end tomorrow. It’s still yesterday in malaysia

    un ar? i no un too…

    *reads Winn’s comment over & over.. totally blurrrrrrrr*

  10. Lex Says:

    forget the past, dream the future and live the present! 😀

    Ditto, Lex. 😛

  11. alison Says:

    *nodding* betul betul.

    *nods with alison* 🙂

  12. _butt Says:

    yes, carpe diem!! today is yours!

    _butt, it’s yours too.. 🙂

  13. kenzielee Says:

    I love Charles Schultz. That is one of my favorite quotes as well!

    I’m glad to know that, Kenzie. 🙂

  14. Chen Says:

    Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself 😉

    Yes, Chen.. 😉

  15. moz monster Says:

    I really love that caption … it’s already tomorrow in Australia !!!

    I love it too.. Moz. 🙂

  16. zewt Says:

    “I must not let fear of the awful keep me from enjoying the awfully good”

    so awfully true!

    I’m glad you agree, Zewt. 🙂

  17. may Says:

    LOL… that’s so true!
    and yes, it’s already tomorrow (today) here in Australia… *grin*

    May, you’ll always be 2 hrs ahead of us until daylight saving starts. 😉

  18. Jemima – I ate lots on Mothers day! 🙂 I’m sure I gained weight! 🙂

    Dabs, I’m sure you’ll lose it all soon. 🙂

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