Baby Steps

May 29, 2007

Sometimes you expect yourself to make giant leaps, when what you really need to do is take small baby steps. Giant leaps make the stakes too high. Baby steps make risk-taking manageable and doable.


The next time you feel stuck or overwhelmed, see if you’re raising the stakes too high and expecting giant leaps. For example, if you want to learn to ride a horse, don’t expect to be jumping fences the very first day. You have to start with a walk before you can gallop.

There’s more joy in living when you are gentle on yourself. Small steps can lead to greater things, letting the soul lead instead of the ego.

Be not afraid of growing slowly;

be afraid only of standing still.

– Chinese Proverb –

I would like to thank a very good friend who taught me how to take baby steps.


15 Responses to “Baby Steps”

  1. LB Says:

    That is so true! So many people (me included) wanna leap before they look too!! *LEAPS!*

    See what I mean? Summore eyes closed too…

    *quickly holds out hand to help LB take baby steps* 🙂

  2. ben Says:

    *nods nods*

    sometimes to ambitious.. then end up spoiling the whole thing` aiyayay :X

    *nods nods in agreement with Ben* 🙂

  3. Wennnn Says:

    Aiyerrrr cute little feets.. So chubby….

    Hence, Wennnn.. they can only take small steps.. 😉

  4. may Says:

    I’m beginning to be super-careful and take things one at a time. though sometimes, the urge is there when I want to get to that result now now now!! then I fall flat on my face, LOL! how foolish of me…

    You’re not alone, May. 🙂
    We’ve all taken foolish steps before.. 😛

  5. sengkor Says:

    no wonder i always end up in deep shit.. will see properly before i leap next time..

    Good idea, SK! 😉

  6. Kyels Says:

    A post that echo most sentiments.

    It’s true that baby steps are better than giant leaps.


    I’m glad you share the same sentiments, Kyels. 🙂

  7. zeroimpact Says:

    Take one step at a time
    Be it baby or giant
    You can’t run when you can’t even walk properly 🙂

    Hehe.. True true, Mattz. 😀

  8. Ashish Says:


    You could do it or you may not.. your choice! [Or you could cheat and say you had fore knowledge of my tag and had already done it! 😛

    Ashish, I had fore knowledge of your tag and I had already done it. 😉

  9. winn Says:

    forward we march!! lefttttt right left right left….

    how cld we know when to stand still when to run?

    We’ll know if we follow our hearts, Winn. 🙂

  10. Chen Says:

    hehehe, some ppl tends to run although they can’t even walk properly 😛

    reminds me of the song, “step by step” 😉

    WOW! NKOTB… 😛

  11. kenzielee Says:

    What you’re saying is fabulous! And the picture made me giggle.

    Thanks, Kenzie. 🙂

  12. misti Says:

    ah. baby steps. yes..
    take care babe.

    Thanks, Misti. 🙂

  13. endroo G Says:

    why is the leg so fat…?

    ‘Cos the baby’s fat, Endroo.. 😛

  14. Giant steps are what you take,
    Walking on the moon,

    Of course, we’re not on the moon … so that explains it! 🙂

    Hehe.. Thanks, Dabs. 🙂

  15. That makes sense.

    Btw, did the baby get pedicure? ha ha =P *joking


    Thanks, M.

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