I’ve learned

July 6, 2007


Never   Search   Your   Happiness   In   Others

Which   Will   Make   You   Feel   Alone,

Rather   Search   It   In   Yourself

‘Cos   You   Will   Feel   Happy

Even   If   You   Are   Left   Alone……….


17 Responses to “I’ve learned”

  1. day-dreamer Says:

    I hate people who search for their happiness on me. It just reflects how selfish they are.

    We meet all types of ppl in this world, D-D.

  2. L B Says:

    I think it’s all a myth, this happiness… just when you think you’ve got it all nicely balanced, a little wind comes along and upsets the entire cart! … …. .. it’s been a sad day..

    I was shocked when I read Misti’s post, LB.
    I never expected it at all.

  3. misha Says:

    happy friday jiejie jemima 🙂

    hugs hugs ok?


    Thanks, Misha.

  4. Tine Says:

    Happy Friday, my dear friend. Oh, and stay happy! 😉

    Thanks, Tine.
    I will.. 🙂

  5. Wennnn Says:

    Hmmmm sad day today!! Just shocking to see wat’s happening is blogland!!

    I was shocked too.. Wennnn. 😦

  6. ben Says:


    *sprinkle happy dust all over*

    *do the shoo-shoo-saddness dance*

    oh wells…

    Thanks, Ben.

  7. iamikel Says:

    as long we are happy!! it’s doesn’t matter where it come from…

    i guess!!

    hugs & chao!

    So, don’t worry.. be happy.. ya..

    Have a good weekend, Iamikel.

  8. may Says:

    rightly said! and to do that, we have to forgive our own shortcomings, except them as they are, and always seek to become a better person.

    Thanks, May. 🙂

    *onward march to become a better person*

  9. We can’t search happiness in others, but we can share happiness with them ^o^


    Thanks, M.

  10. paolomendoza Says:

    true happiness can only be found within.


    Thanks for dropping by again, Paolo.

  11. I find my happiness in pizza! Yum! 🙂

    Yum is the word, Dabs. 😉

  12. kookymonsta Says:



    Thanks, Vern.

  13. Sha Says:

    Very true. You decide how to make yourself happy. That’s more reliable than depending on others to make you happy 😉


    Thanks, Sha.

  14. misti Says:

    honey, thank you for your sweet post. i will be around and will read you still, and will be around when you need me. it’s better this way for me. i can be a more sincere person and not hurt anyone unintentionally.
    take care you hear!!! be a good girl and be well! i sacrificed some things by closing my blog but one good thing out of it is that i can be who i am with no strings crossing anyone’s paths. i need not explain further. you should know what i mean. *wink*
    -luv forever, misti

    Misti, you’ve made your decision & we’ll respect it.
    I can never remember you being insincere nor have you ever hurt me unintentionally at any time.
    In fact, you’ve taught me well.
    Your support & understanding & love for me is very much appreciated.
    You’ll be in my heart always.


  15. Chen Says:

    I always believe in “Do No Harm” 🙂

    “… & Save Lives” 😉

    Thanks, Chen.

  16. misha Says:

    jiejie jemima

    happy 07.07.07

    Happy 07.07.07 Misha. 🙂

  17. misha Says:

    jiejie jemima

    good morning!

    Good morning, Misha. 🙂

    What are you doing today?

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