When I was a little girl..

July 10, 2007

When I was a little girl, we would go to the beach. I would try to play in the water, but the waves scared me. 

I would run out into the water, and when I saw the waves coming, I got scared and ran back. But the waves would be faster than I could run and they would always overtake me, and throw me off balance, and I would go tumbling.

Then I learned that the way to deal with the waves was to put my hands out in front of me and jump into them when they came……



18 Responses to “When I was a little girl..”

  1. Kyels Says:

    I love beaches and what I was scared of when I was a little kid was — jaws. Because of that movie. Bwahaha!

    *LOL at Kyels* 😆

  2. ben Says:

    I dunno how to swim~ but i like the beach and water~ 😀

    You can’t swim!!!
    That means you can’t be on the Titanic remake with LB & Cocka. 😉

  3. Nice trick Jem =)

    I was never allowed to swim at the beach T_T. So I just played with sands, built sand castle. ^0^

    There’s a meaning behind that trick (this post), M. 😉

    Yep.. building sand castles was lotz of fun. 😀

  4. Vern Says:

    Putting your hands out and jumping into the sea is the hardest step — but when you can do it, the possibilities are endless. 😀

    That’s right, Vern. 😀

  5. zeroimpact Says:

    Braving the waves makes all the difference and of coz, it does not mean that you should take on jaws or even a gian octopus

    Haha.. you’ve been watching too many movies, Mattz. 😉

  6. day-dreamer Says:

    I like the beach too.

    My dad’s friend was told, his son who was born and bred in a big city, cried in fright when he saw the waves coming. LOL!

    Happy Tuesday!

    Let me assure you that I never cried when I am at the beach. 😆

    Happy Tuesday to you too.. D-D. 🙂

  7. misha Says:

    i also scare of waves 😦

    There’s nothing to be scared of, Misha.
    Just be brave & do what I did.. dive into the waves. 😉

  8. When I was a little girl I was a little boy … no wait, forget I said that!

    Show me a wave … and I’ll wave back! 😀

    Seriously, Dabs… you really had me in stitches. 😆

  9. Tine Says:

    Just run towards the waves, yell “BOMBS AWAY!!” and jump in :p

    LOL.. I’d like to see you do that one of these days, Tine. 😛

  10. _butt Says:

    I love beaches. I missed the waves…

    If there is an opportunity, maybe you can make a trip one of these days, _butt.

  11. winn Says:

    blindfold urself and pay a pakcik to push u into the wave….
    it’s swim or die! ..:P so ..swim away.

    Chio! Chio! Winn!
    Swim la.. never say die! 😛

  12. Chen Says:

    u can close your eyes too..
    then u won’t see the coming waves liao..
    This is… tipu diri sendiri huh?

    Hehe.. yep, that’s cheating yourself, Chen. 😉

  13. Che-Cheh Says:

    Chester loves to drink the on-coming wave! Hahaha Then kena stomach-ache. 😛

    Che-Cheh must teach him to close his mouth when the waves come in. 😛

  14. Sha Says:

    Waves are gentle giants.. They will come crashing to you, but will always back away as soon as you realise that they are harmless 🙂

    Yep, Sha.. that’s the way we should face any obstacles in life. 🙂

  15. alison Says:

    i love the sea, the waves, makes me giggle and laugh everytime it comes crashing on me! good theraphy! both the huge sea salt bath and the laughs! 🙂

    I agree. It is good theraphy, Alison. 🙂

  16. iamikel Says:

    reminds me of when i threw my friend into the sea water when the wave approach.

    jemima, want to give it a try too???

    I think I will throw you in first, Iamikel. 😉

  17. tihtahpah Says:

    in life,we have to face many obstacles….just how we wanna face it. we can be scared and not try and be left with nothing, complacent in where we are..always safe.nvr moving forward. or we can face the obstacles bravely…rocky sometimes but sometimes we just have to go with the flow? and see what it brings?

    I agree with your views, Ttpah.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  18. may Says:

    and that, my friend, is how we should deal with those crashing waves in our lives… head on, not afraid, and winning over them in the end!

    Well said, May. 😀

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