July 11, 2007



19 Responses to “Missing”

  1. Wennnn Says:

    Where U wan to go la??? Wanna become MIA ah??? Must apply one U know!! First hor U must send application to Wenn first see she gip or not!!

    *takes out e-application form & starts filling in the details* 😛

    Wennnn, I’m not going anywhere la.. it’s just one of those days.. 😦

  2. Kyels Says:

    No, you cannot be a missing person. If you are then how am I going to find you on my black beauty?!

    You will be fine, always.


    Wah! I lost my knight on a white steed & here you are on your black beauty. 😛

    I’ll be fine. Thanks, Kyels. 🙂

  3. *Thinking mode on

    Yes, I want that too! =)

    Have a good day, Jemima

    Thanks, M.

    I will try to make the most of it.. 😉

  4. Tine Says:

    Wei, don’t talk silly oi! 😦

    OK OK

    *hugs Tine*

  5. angel Says:

    ditto to that…


    Thanks, Angel.

  6. iamikel Says:

    kay.. i’ll get a rescue team to look for you!!!!

    You don’t need them, Iamikel.. you’ve already found me. 😛

  7. day-dreamer Says:

    You cannot be missing! We will miss you!! 😀

    Thanks, D-D.
    It makes me happy to know that.. 🙂

  8. misha Says:

    jiejie jemima… you felt that you want to go far far away?

    come to HK … mish will comfort you … really one !!!

    happy wednesday to you 🙂

    Misha, I wish I can be in HK right now.
    Thanks so much for your welcome & I am very sure that you will comfort me well. 🙂


  9. Chen Says:

    if lidat, then everyone will be busy looking for u liao 😉

    Does everyone include you, Chen? 😛

  10. misti Says:

    don’t go missing. see, i come back also. lol!
    i will miss you if you missing. don’t disappear okay? *hugs* 🙂

    You never left, Misti. 😛
    It’s hard for me to explain the meaning behind this post.. let’s just say it’s just one of those days..

    *hugs back*

  11. ben Says:

    then we will print ur face all over milk cartons 😀

    LOL.. That will be a sight to see, Ben. 😛

  12. may Says:

    hahaha… that’s what I was for the past day and a half. MIA from virtual world. felt pretty good… *grin*

    Yep, May.. it was good.. the last time I was away from virtual world for 10 days. 😉

  13. Lil Says:

    wishing into obscurity? no… jem, you’re too big for life for that… and it’s really is a good good thing!

    Thanks for your confidence in me, Lil.

  14. misha Says:

    jiejie jemima

    good morning 🙂

    Hello Misha 😀

  15. Lex Says:

    yeah sometimes for us to go missing and woman you should, but not too long… you got too many craving for you here. hehe…

    If I really go missing.. I won’t bother to post about it, Lex.
    I would just go…
    However, I’m having one of those days when I wish I am missing.. 😦

  16. LB Says:

    Come go missing with me!

    *holds out hand to follow LB*

  17. doc Says:

    when you’re down, the only other way to go now is UP.
    be prepared for blast-off!!

    Thanks for the motivation, Doc. 🙂

  18. alison Says:

    ‘missing’ sounds so scary nowadays! people starts thinking all sorts of ugly stuff. i think taking break and unreachable better! ;P

    Thanks, Alison.. will keep that in mind. 😉

  19. I didn’t reply to this as I thought you’d notice I was missing … but no one commented that I didn’t comment!
    Grrr! I can’t even be a missing person right. Not enough people missed me!!! 🙂

    I did noticed that you didn’t comment, Dabs.. but I knew you weren’t missing ‘coz you did update your blog. 🙂

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