Delicious Ambiquity

July 14, 2007



16 Responses to “Delicious Ambiquity”

  1. Wennnn Says:

    Life is always full of adventure lor!! U never know wat wud happen next and U just have to face it lor!!

    Ditto, Wennnn. 😀

  2. misha Says:

    happppy sat to jiejie jemima 🙂

    Happy weekend to you, Misha. 🙂

  3. misha Says:

    jiejie jemima

    you working today ?

    I was doing housework. Now I am taking a break. 🙂

  4. Chen Says:

    Life is like a box of chocolate? 🙂

    Sure is, Forrest.. I mean Chen. 😛

  5. iamikel Says:

    why worry? just enjoy it!!!!

    la la la~

    happy weekend!

    Happy weekend, Iamikel. 😀

  6. may Says:

    ambiguous is my middle name! especially when I’m such a wishy-washy person sometimes… lol!

    Hahaha.. That’s something new I learned about you, May. 🙂

  7. Cheesie Says:

    You have been cheesed! Muahahha.

    Reference: I came i saw i cheesed you

    Welcome, Cheesie. 🙂

    A camwhore meme??? I’m an anonymous blogger. So Sorry but I can’t do it. *opens closet door to store another meme* 😛

    Btw, thanks, Cheesie. 🙂

  8. A little bit mistery makes life more adventurous =)

    Happy Weekend Jemima ;p

    *winks in agreement with M*

    Happy Sunday, M. 🙂

  9. winn Says:

    life is….
    sometimes sweeter than sugar
    bitter than bitterguord

    have a great sunday!

    Sweet & bitter only??? What about sour? 😉

    Happy Sunday, Winn. 😀

  10. misha Says:

    goood morning jiejie jemima!!!

    Happy SUnday to you too!

    Good morning Misha! 🙂

    Enjoy your day!!!

  11. Kyels Says:

    It’s always about making the best out of everything. But if one is always stuck in their own paradigm and not willing to move, then the best may not be unveiled.

    Thanks for the advice, Kyels. 🙂
    Much appreciated.

  12. LB Says:

    Happy Sunday!! Hugs And Kisses!!!!

    Hello Stranger! 😉

    Hugs Hugs & Muaks Muaks! 😀

  13. Selba Says:


    *reading winn’s comment and jemima’s reply*
    I think it’s mixed of sweet, bitter, sour and salty… oh even sometimes it can be tasteless…. 😉

    Yep, Selba.. definitely salty & tasteless too. 😉

  14. anjali* Says:

    I agree. Life is to be lived, mysteriously.

    P/S First time here 🙂

    Welcome, Anjali. 🙂

    After all, life is a mystery. 😉

  15. moz monster Says:

    Spontaneous !!! That’s how it really should be …

    Yes, Moz. *gives Moz a high-5* 🙂

  16. tihtahpah Says:

    i say part of experiencing life is take it as it comes…

    Thanks, Ttpah. 🙂

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