A good egg

July 19, 2007


The tide of friendship does not rise high on the banks of perfection. Admiable weaknesses and shortcomings are the food of love. It is from the roughness and imperfect breaks in a man that you are able to lay hold of him…

My friends are not perfect – no more than I – and so we suit each other admirably. It is one of the charitable dispensations of providence that perfection is not essential to friendship.

Taken from “Reflections for a Special Friend”


14 Responses to “A good egg”

  1. iamikel Says:

    oh!!! i’m looking for the crack in you!! lightly to be seen!! need microscope to look for it!!! hehe!

    have a nice day!

    You need to go for an eye check-up, Iamikel. 😛

    Good day to you too.. 🙂

  2. misha Says:

    good morning jiejie

    is Mish a good egg? hehehe

    Good morning. 🙂

    Mish is a pretty & special egg. 😉

  3. Tine Says:

    Oh I am one very cracked egg :p

    But, you’re still beautiful, Tine. 🙂

  4. _butt Says:

    sounds like a friend of mine. and we’re both cracked. lol.

    have a nice day Jemima 😀

    It takes one cracked friend to know another. 😆

    You have a nice day too, _butt. 🙂

  5. Hi Jemima… =) Good Mornin’ Thanks for spritual breakfast.

    Do you think the statement also prevail to family, marriage, and work relationship? ^o^

    Hi M 😀

    I guess it applies to everything in life. 😉

  6. mudpie Says:

    i like the last sentence ‘slightly cracked’ .. *head knocking* *kawabangga dude*

    Don’t knock too hard.. Mudpie might turn into mousse. LOL 😆

  7. Kyels Says:

    We all accept our friends whether they are cracked or not because it’s the beauty of who they are that we love the most.

    I agree, Kyels.

    Hence, love me for a reason.. 😉

  8. tihtahpah Says:

    i think we’re all crackheads in truth.hahaha…

    LOL.. that’s true, Ttpah. 😆

  9. misti Says:

    nobody not cracked lah. if they say they are, they are bluffing themselves only.

    Hehe.. I agree, Misti. 😛

  10. may Says:

    we’re all beautifully cracked eggs. the cracks are the bits that make us all interesting! *grin*

    Hear! Hear! *grins back at May*

  11. alison Says:

    lucky i’m not humpty dumpty.

    Luckily none of us are, Alison. 😉

  12. The other saying is, ‘A friend is someone who likes you in spite of WHO you are!’ 🙂

    Of course, no eggs were harmed during the making of this post! 🙂
    Brains a little scrammbles, but I’ll try to tell a few yolks before I go! 😉

    ‘scrambles’ & ‘yolks’.. 😆
    That’s funny, Dabs.

  13. day-dreamer Says:

    Very much agreed. 🙂

    Thanks, D-D. 🙂

  14. stev Says:


    very nice one

    will consider using that image to spam some frens 🙂

    on a more related note, if all our friends are perfect – not much fun in that ain’t it

    Cracked friends are acceptable, Stev.
    Not rotten ones. 😛

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