decisions… DECISIONS

July 25, 2007



28 Responses to “decisions… DECISIONS”

  1. misti Says:

    toss a coin, or don’t decide at all.. like me. hahaha

    LOL… I might end up tossing a coin with 2 heads. 😛
    Thanks, Misti.

  2. Tine Says:

    I think I’ll go with a Becks :p

    Cheers, Tine. 😀

  3. sengkor Says:

    just close ur eyes and eenie, meenie, minie, moe

    Ya hor.. so easy.. how come I never thought of that? 😛
    Thanks, SK. 🙂

  4. day-dreamer Says:

    I want Pink Vodka, got?? LOL!!!

    D-D, try Cheers, the bar where everyone knows your name. Hahaha 😆

  5. Kyels Says:

    Yes, life is full of difficult decisions but you have to be brave to face them and make the right choices for yourself.


    I know, Kyels.
    Thanks. 🙂

  6. Wennnn Says:

    If Jon sees this is not difficult at all for him to make the decision.. He will just hv it ALL!! Wakakakakakak

    LOL.. Wennnn, I thought Jon would just go for the Guinness.. 😛

  7. Cocka Doodle Says:

    Drink all and get high lah. Why wanna choose?

    Come come CD.. help me drink all. 😉

  8. Che-Cheh Says:

    I buy all la 😀

    Che-Cheh, are you gonna drink them all, too? 😉

  9. zewt Says:

    thus…. choose wisely.

    I will..
    Thanks, Zewt. 🙂

  10. I’m allergic to beer! Guess I better just drink a milk instead! 🙂

    That’s a wise decision, Dabs. 😉

  11. I make decision everyday, even to decide what shirt to wear =)

    So proud of you =^.^= big hugs

    Hehe.. now what am I going to wear tomorrow? 😛

    Thanks, M. 😉

    *big hugs back*

  12. alison Says:

    wah… nice pic for pub! 🙂
    listen to heart. i know sounds so cliché, but it’s the best we know yes?

    Definitely, Alison. 😉

  13. misha Says:

    *jiejie jemima* nice talking to you 🙂

    Misha dearest, thanks for calling. It was a real surprise!!! 😀


  14. ben Says:

    I dun like beer~ but i can help you choose 😛

    Hahaha.. Ben, you must be a cocktail person! 😛

  15. moz monster Says:

    This one decision ain’t so hard !!!! I’ll eventually drink em all !!!!! XD

    Come come.. Moz. Do join CD & I. 😉

  16. tihtahpah Says:

    what’s the dilemma????

    Nothing that you don’t already know.
    Thanks, Ttpah.

  17. zeroimpact Says:

    I’m looking for Jack Daniels or Absolute
    Sometimes those are just not in the available list I guess

    Mattz, sometimes you just have to look in the right place to find what you’re looking for.

  18. Cocka Doodle Says:

    i was passing by a chung hua school in sibu a while ago and I can’t help but wondered if STP made his students squat in a pond once upon a time. Hahaha!!

    Or it could be worse!!…his students made him squat instead?? Muahahahahahah!!!!

    CD, I am sure STP will never made his students do that & vice versa. 😉

  19. UnkaLeong Says:

    Hmm..Throw a dart?

    Welcome, UnkaLeong. 🙂

    Do you reckon I’ll hit bullseye? 😛

  20. tihtahpah Says:

    oic..well, just be strong. be confident on the choices u make.

    Thanks for your advice, Ttpah. 🙂

  21. tihtahpah Says:

    glad you’re back by the way. dont disappear again!

    Thanks, Ttpah. 🙂

    Btw, I’m not Houdini. 😛

  22. endroo G Says:

    If you want to decide what to drink… always ask endroo G.

    Have a G, have a Guiness.

    All the best is what i can say…. i know.

    I will, Endroo.. 😛

    Thanks, mate.

  23. Chen Says:

    close eyes and simply grab one..
    if life is that simple, huh? 😛

    If only, Chen.. if only.. 🙂

  24. LB Says:

    Can I have the Tea, please?

    One Tea coming right up, LB. 😛

  25. Lex Says:

    I’m taking everything *grin*

    Hehe.. you would too.. Lex 😛

  26. Lex Says:

    and oh, I tagged u on my blog. go see!

    Lex, a tag??? *opens closet’s door* 😛

  27. stev Says:

    Kilkenny, I choose JOO!!

    Bottoms up, Stev!!! 😛

  28. iamikel Says:

    can’t see my heineken!! but kilkenny also can!!

    Gosh! You’re a little alcoholic Iamikel. 😛

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