August 1, 2007


A friend emailed me this pix. 😛


17 Responses to “Boyfriend”

  1. Kyels Says:

    It’s always external beauty for others before internal beauty, don’t you think so?


    Yep, I agree with you Kyels.

  2. ben Says:




    I take it that you’re also like the guy in the pix, Ben??? 😛

  3. The photographer captured boyfriend expression very well =) he he…

    He did, M. 😉

  4. angel Says:

    pssttt… is that yr bf? looks like the cock… muahahaha!

    Hahaha.. Angel, our friend looks like Mr Bean on certain days, Brad Pitt & Richard Gere on others.. & on Fridays.. we all know who he looks like. 😛

  5. Cocka Doodle Says:

    My dearest angel…..that was indeed me, drooling over the sight of your voluptuous bum.

  6. Tine Says:

    Hahahaha!! That’s PRICELESS! :p

    Hehe.. I’m glad you think so too, Tine. 😛

  7. LB Says:

    Nice nice pic! Can tapau three?

    Aiyoh, LB! You think this is lormakai meh.. 😆

  8. Che-Cheh Says:

    True true 😀

    Hehe.. Che-Cheh, you agree too? 😛

  9. Lil Says:

    errr… that’s her husband now!

    Doesn’t matter, Lil. 😉
    His eyes said it all.. 😛

  10. may Says:

    LOL! ain’t that (half) the truth…

    Hahaha.. glad you think so too, May. 😛

  11. zewt Says:

    hahahaha…. i tot that is… “husband”….

    Hehe.. whatever, Zewt. 😉

  12. Men always go for external beauty, cause we’ve seen Medical Documentaries where they perform operations, and there is no inner beauty, it’s all red squishy things and blood and guts! Yuch! 🙂

    Gosh! You sound like Homer Simpson, Dabs. 😛

  13. Sha Says:

    HMM 😦 Men are people with very sick, narrow minds.

    SOME men, Sha.. 😉

  14. gab Says:

    Men are never satisfied with who they have until it’s way too late. If all men only looked into inner beauty and not the external, celebrities will be out of their jobs and it’ll be raining “real life women”. I’m sure by then, scientists would have created a serum or potion to help bring out women’s inner beauty for those who lack them.

    In the meantime, we, women, can only live in hope. 😉

    Btw, welcome back, Gab. *hugz* 😀

  15. doc Says:

    an sms i once received:

    marriage is like going to a restaurant. you order what you like, & then wished you had what the next table is having.

    your pix should go well with this sms.

    It does, Doc. 😉
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  16. tihtahpah Says:

    hey, she’s looking too!

    Wouldn’t you, Ttpah? 😛

  17. waz Says:


    this is priceless!!!
    i’m blogging it and linking it back to ya!
    mane, i can’t stop laughing! you have made me one regular visitor to your blog!

    ve a lovely weekend!

    Welcome, Waz. 🙂

    Do drop by often & thanks for the link.
    Happy weekend to you too.

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