August 2, 2007


Updated Comment: 5 August 2007

33 Responses to “Pray”

  1. day-dreamer Says:

    Praying gives me piece of mind. It does. When all hopes have gone, it helps me keep going.


  2. Hi Jem…

    I went to catholic school. Just let you know… hehe ;p

  3. zewt Says:

    and that is the least we can do…

  4. misti Says:

    hope all will be well for you. take care jem.

  5. First you tell us not to worry, then you show us a picture with worry beads and tell us to pray! No I’m really worried!!!! It’s freaking me out!!! 😉

  6. Kyels Says:

    I will.


  7. iamikel Says:

    i pray for good health and good things coming to your way!!!!!

  8. misha Says:

    jiejie jemima

    good morning to you and today is FRIDAY!!!!!

  9. misha Says:

    good morning jiejie jemima !!!

    happy friday to you too!

  10. Wennnn Says:

    Aiyooo better pray hard for me for my coming exam!!

  11. jemima Says:

    Thanks for your prayers, my friends.
    Much appreciated.

    Update: She’s still weak.

  12. Yvy Says:

    haiz….you just reminded me how much my prayer like has been suffering. i’ve been a BAD BAD girl. 😦

  13. Cocka Doodle Says:

    “Dun pray-pray hor!”
    -quote: Phua Chu Kang

  14. Cocka Doodle Says:

    Aiyoh! Now only I saw your reply.
    Who is ‘she’ ? Mum ah?

  15. misha Says:

    misha prays that all jiejie’s wishes will come true . jiejie take care ok?

  16. _butt Says:

    I pray for peace. for you and us.

    have a good weekend, Jemima 🙂

  17. Ashish Says:

    Good Night!!! 🙂

    Ok ok I lied, Good morning. 😛 It’s SATURDAY!!! [It really is!] 🙂 *Bear Hugs*

  18. Angele Says:

    Praying reinforces the faith in us…and this can do miracles.


  19. may Says:

    you have my prayers. hope things are better now.

  20. Chen Says:

    Prayers can move mountain. Hope everything is alright.

  21. LX Says:

    pray for me too … i’m suffering from conjunctivitis 😦

  22. azhan Says:

    jemima! i have not seen you in ages. please mail me your address because i have a postcard for you all the way from USA, but will be mailed with posmalaysia, lol.

    prayers. i think i need to pray more often now.

  23. ben Says:

    until something happens 😀

  24. jemima Says:

    Thanks for your prayers, good wishes & hugs, my friends.
    I will remember all of you in my prayers too.
    I really appreciate your kind thoughts from the bottom of my heart.

    Please continue to pray for her strength to return.

    Thank you.


  25. winn Says:

    meow meow u stil around. happies:)

  26. misha Says:

    jiejie jemima .. do stay strong .. and happy monday !

  27. Sha Says:

    *hugs* I’m sure she’ll regain her strength..

  28. Lex Says:

    Everything will be fine. Pray is hope. You hang tough 🙂

  29. mudpie Says:

    i am praying for you and everybody out there .. insya ALLAH ..

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