He’s only 25

August 24, 2007

Some days he thinks he is as suave as Richard Gere.


Other days he thinks he is as sexy as Brad Pitt (although I prefer George Clooney).


He can be as funny as Mr Bean and he sells garlic once a week for a living.


He turned 25 many years ago but today he still parties like he’s only 25.

Personally I think he has all the qualities of a true Virgo.


He even promised to take me to Hawaii when he made his $1,000,000.  *In actual fact, there’s a hawaiian beauty waiting patiently for him.*


Today is his birthday and this is my present for him.


*In case, you’re wondering why he’s getting a toilet paper for his birthday… that’s how he had labelled me on his blogroll*

He is my friend. He is your friend. He is everyone’s friend. He is…


Happy Birthday CD!!!

May all your birthday wishes come true.