my answer

September 8, 2007


Actually, my friends have been questioning me…. not my Mum…


14 Responses to “my answer”

  1. alison Says:

    they always do don’t they… 😉

    They sure do, Alison. 😛

  2. _butt Says:

    did they faint? LOL kidding!

    have a great weekend! 😀

    LOL 😆

    Happy weekend, _butt. 😀

  3. Lil Says:

    oh dear… that one question people really shouldn’t ask time and time again… when it’s right, then it’s right… no amount of questioning can change that… (((jem)))

    You’re so right, Lil. 😀


  4. misha Says:

    asked MUm .. what is Mr Right? She explained .. 🙂 Jiejie .. don’t worry .. your MR RIGHT .. is on his way .. he will meet up with you very very soon 🙂


    Princess, I wish I have your confidence. Hehehe…

    Psst… Did your Mum tell you that your Dad is her Mr Right? 😉


  5. Angele Says:

    *haha* that’s a funny joke though it can so much reflect some people’s reality sometimes!

    You betcha that it reflected on mine, Angele. 😉

  6. elviza Says:

    Ah, friends… can’t live with them, can’t live without them either. What a vicious cycle.

    Good weekend Jemima

    Life’s like that, Elviza. 😉

    Happy weekend to you too. 🙂

  7. Kyels Says:

    It’s so true, the descriptions. Not Mr. Right but Mr. Wrong.

    What goes around comes around, aye?

    We shall have to wait & see, Kyels.

  8. zewt Says:

    hahaha… it is by meeting all those mr. rude, mr. cheap and mr. married that you will know who is mr. right… right?

    slowly la… tell your friends that.

    I hope so, Zewt. 😉

    They know la.. they’re just inquisitive. 😛

  9. endroo G Says:

    Mr Right surely will come your way soon. Keep an alert eye.

    Hehe.. Thanks, Endroo.. for your assurance. 😉
    Truth is having a man in my life is the least of my worries for now.

    Take care, my friend. 🙂

  10. LX Says:

    the concept of mr. right is a myth … seriously. i remember in an episode of desperate housewives … it was said … the happiest couple in the world is often found on top of a sugar frosted icing cake and if you look close enough, they are smiling becos they r not looking at each other 😉

    LOL.. LX, fyi, I don’t want a Mr Right. I would prefer a Mr Half Right & Mr Half Left a.k.a. a normal man. 😛

  11. may Says:

    LOL! same with me, my mum hasn’t questioned me at all on these things. friends, however, are doing a good job on it.

    you’ll do okay, girl! he’s out there somewhere. that good catch… *wink*

    May, please don’t forget to send me an invitation when you finally decide to settle down. 😉

  12. My mother spent the weekend tearing shreds off me TELLING me I’ll never get married again! Grrrr!

    My mother wants me to marry someone who isn’t Asian though … funny how she wants to control who I marry and not consider MY HAPPINESS. Though, I am sure whoever I marry will win my mother over one day … just have to find them! 🙂

    All the best, Dabs.. to you, the woman you’re gonna marry & also your Mother. 😛

  13. doc Says:

    hmm…i think you’re still some way off, because you still have to meet Mr MCP, Mr I-can’t-commit & Mr Mummy’s boy, amongst others, before Mr Right appears.

    (but he will be worth waiting for)

    Doc, I’ve met Mr Cheat.. He’s definitely worst than those you’ve listed.

    I’m no longer waiting for anyone. It’s all up to HIM.

  14. PrEtTY iN tHE CiTY Says:

    They always ask, Jem. =) Even with a different question for different situation.

    Here what they always ask to me, “are you pregnant yet?”

    =). Great answer!!

    How did you answer them, M? 😛

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