Unreasonable People

October 16, 2007

Your strength is in doing what you believe is right and not concerning yourself with other people’s responses.

Unreasonable people gain their power from the way you react to them.

You don’t even have to agree with them to give them power. You just have to react.

The child who is teased the most is the one who makes the biggest protest.

Children tease other children not because they are evil but because they feel powerless. Getting a response from a weaker person gives them a feeling of strength.

All of the unreasonable people you meet gain their power from your response.

When you respond to an unreasonable person by getting emotional, you give them victory.

How do you manage unreasonable people?

You dismiss them.

Like teasing.

Like shadows.


I bend with the wind.

I glide with the current.

I do not resist – I remain myself.