Unreasonable People

October 16, 2007

Your strength is in doing what you believe is right and not concerning yourself with other people’s responses.

Unreasonable people gain their power from the way you react to them.

You don’t even have to agree with them to give them power. You just have to react.

The child who is teased the most is the one who makes the biggest protest.

Children tease other children not because they are evil but because they feel powerless. Getting a response from a weaker person gives them a feeling of strength.

All of the unreasonable people you meet gain their power from your response.

When you respond to an unreasonable person by getting emotional, you give them victory.

How do you manage unreasonable people?

You dismiss them.

Like teasing.

Like shadows.


I bend with the wind.

I glide with the current.

I do not resist – I remain myself.


33 Responses to “Unreasonable People”

  1. kat Says:

    The older I get, the less I care about what other (insignificant) people think of me. *shrug*

    My 3Rs I’d like to teach my kids – Respect yourself, Respect others, and Responsibility for all your actions.

    Kat, my dear friend, I couldn’t care less what people think or say about me too.. but I think a so-called person should reserved his/her opinions off my blog.

    If you don’t know what I’m talking about.. then you can refer to his/her comments in the last four posts.

    Kat, I’m confident that your kids will grow up to be wonderful beings like their mother. You’re gonna bring them up well. *hugs*

  2. may Says:

    ahhhh, these “small people” – don’t waste your time on them, yea? really EFND™!! just ain’t worth it. be strong, take care. hugs!

    I’m definitely not giving him/her any of my precious time, May.
    You take care too.. *hugs*

  3. Tine Says:

    Flamers are cowards. Don’t waste your breath on idiots.

    Take care girl 🙂

    Hear! Hear!

    Thanks so much for your beautiful e-card, Tine. *hugs*

  4. Chester Says:

    You’re right. If we react, then it shows we’re responding to their threats.

    I’m glad that you share my sentiments, Chester. *hugs*

  5. anjali* Says:

    Not to react – it is easier said than done. I know coz I am facing that at work. So my last reaction – I chose to just quit.

    So do you think I should quit blogging because of this flamer, Anjali? 😦

  6. _butt Says:

    Precisely. Couldn’t agree more to it. Those kind of people do not worth any bit of your attention.

    Thanks, _butt. You’re a chum. *hugs*

  7. LB Says:

    Yes, though it’s never easy not to react. I have to breath in deep whenever I encounter bullies/dickheads/idiots/etc. I have to remember not to give them the attention they seek. I have to remember they are just truly weaker than the rest.

    Yep, LB.. we shouldn’t give them a sense of winning by responding to them. We just IGNORE them.


  8. Cocka Doodle Says:

    Waaaah! I can feel the heat from the screen leh. LOL
    Who pissed you off? Come tell unker. I go and fark dat fler!

    Unker CD, are you sure the heat is from my post & not from some porn shows you had downloaded? 😛

    Thanks for your kind offer but you’ll only be wasting your time. The more you fark him/her.. the more he/she will like it.

  9. friend of jo Says:


    you not happy with my comments?

    i write truth only

    zeroimpact dumped you & caren for jo

    he also dumped kyels

    he got buy jo 2 rings

    did he buy you any?

  10. Selba Says:

    I’m experiencing this kind of thing but in a different way. Until today, there’s someone stalking on me and still trying to contact me with some kind of efforts (mostly phone calls and sms text). I’m not giving any reactions but this thing has been for 15 years already. *big sigh*

    Too bad, I can’t report to the police 😦

    Gosh! Selba.. you’ve got a real-life stalker.
    It must be scary.
    Thanks for sharing, my friend.
    I’ll pray for your safety. *hugs*

  11. Kyels Says:

    Don’t worry about unreasonable people; they will automatically leave once attention is not given to them. That’s what they want in the first place anyway. So, fuck ’em!


    Hope you are holding on! Hugs!

    Some of them can be very thick-skinned, Kyels. 😦


  12. angel Says:

    Hai… why no ppl come flame me? Cos I wanna spurt fire… 😀

    Unker CD is looking for a free f*** neh… :mrgreen:

    Take care, Jemima 🙂

    Nobody flames you ‘coz you’re an angel, Angel. 🙂

    Errr.. you got to ask Unker CD. 😛


  13. Take care, Jem.

    They are so annoying, just ignore them.

    I am, Mel.
    Thanks. *hugs*

  14. Kyels Says:

    To Friend of Jo,

    I tried to be very nice to you but indeed you are not a person to be wonderful with in the first place. I wonder what are you trying to prove or do commenting here and also my site. Maybe you’re an attention seeker?! Trying to seek to no ends for attention? Or your current love has not been offering you with any of that that spells A.T.T.E.N.T.I.O.N. (?)

    For your bloody information, I am not Zeroimpact’s lover or ex or beau, whatever you want to call. He was just a friend and we never got into a relationship. If he did tell you that we were “TOGETHER”, then I’m sorry to disappoint you, that we were never “TOGETHER”. We traveled together, yes and we went out for gigs, but that was as far as our relationship went — FRIENDS.

    If you are trying to be a nuisance to flame Jemima because of what has happened between her and Zeroimpact, you should not because of these reasons: (a) you have no rights to do so (b) if you are Jo herself, you’re a coward for hiding under a veil to be a flamer (c) there’s no point for you to show off how or what they’ve morphed into … And the list goes on and on.

    So, stop your annoyance and move on with your life. If you have someone, be happy and there is no need for you to freaking show-off and try so hard to make others miserable.

    You get what I’m trying to say? If no, ding dong, let me press the bell for you.

  15. jo Says:

    Dear Jemima & Kyels,

    Friend of jo is not me. This person has been bothering me for the past few months without disclosing who she is. Yeah, it is a ‘she’ from all the crude comments that she posted at my webpage. Due to the those messages that she sent to me, i activated my moderator and when all this nuisance continued, i have closed my comment box.
    I do not know why all this thing is happening and what is she really want from me. As with happened to Jemima & Zeroimpact, from the comments that she posted to me, it seems like she read all the entries that was posted in this blog, zeroimpact, kyels, mays and some others ones.
    I really do not know what she really want from me.
    i m sorry for all this commotion that has happened.

  16. Sha Says:

    Be nice to unreasonable pple, and sooner or later they’ll either a)feel bad or b)give up because they are not getting the desired reaction from you 🙂

    Thanks, Sha.


  17. Kyels Says:

    Well, then “friend of jo” has to stand up and unveil herself.

    Nuisances cannot be tolerated for long. ‘Nuff said and stop making people ring the comprehension bell. Gee.

  18. jo Says:

    I posted my other comment in your other posts. “she” thought albie and zeroimpact is my boyfriend too.

  19. Angele Says:

    No way you quit blogging because of that stupid and immature person.

    *friend of jo* has proved us all how pathetic she is.It’s amazing how some people are desperate for attention,uh? *rolling eyes*

    To whoever *friend of jo* is,I just want to say…”Fcuk off and go to hell!”
    Get a life of yr own and stop bugging people around.

    No worries, Angele.. I’m still here. *HUGS*

  20. kris Says:

    hello Jemima, i was alerted to this post (and several others) through Kyels’ post about a certain brainless idiot who’s been making stupid comments on both you and Kyels’ site, while making a fool out of herself (the commentator)…

    sad to say, this world is never short of such clowns and you are right, sometimes the only way to tell them to f*** off really far away is by knowing that you have the facts with you, and knowing what truly matters most is what is important – not some dumb bimb who hides behind a pseudonym and make baseless comments regarding one’s private life, which is, very frankly, none of her damned business in the first place. like i’ve told kyels before about such characters – “ignore these fools”

    Welcome, Kris.
    How I wish.. you had dropped by under better circumstances.

    As Plato said, “Wise people talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.”

    Thank you for your kind support, Kris.
    Much appreciated. *hugs*

  21. anjali* Says:

    Hi Jem, sorry…I was just commenting about my own situation. I have not read your past comment box, so was not aware of this “nuisance” that you are facing currently. Please continue with your wonderful blog.

    There’s no need to apologize, Anjali.
    I understand… Thanks for your kind compliments.

  22. endroo G Says:

    my comment was deleted. Ok fine.

    Who deleted your comment, Endroo? Where? 😦
    Your comment in the previous post is still there..

  23. Chen Says:

    ignore ignore ignore those siu yan…

    take care jem 🙂

    Will do, Chen.

    You take care too..

  24. LX Says:

    well, this is becoming quite a soap opera!


  25. Giddy Tiger Says:

    Bullies are never fun to begin with. They are merely cowards in disguise.

    That’s true, Giddy Tiger.

  26. Jungian Prof Says:

    …disgusting I tell you…. best of luck handling these kinds of people….

    Welcome, Jungian Prof.

    Thank you for your best wishes.

  27. iamikel Says:

    never mind….

    i’m nice so i’m not leaving… hehe…


    As if I didn’t know that, Iamikel. 😛

  28. Friend of Jo Says:

    This… Was… Hilarious

  29. […] All of the unreasonable people jemima.wordpress.com […]

  30. […] All of the unreasonable people jemima.wordpress.com […]

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