Homer, Kublai & Dan

December 6, 2007


I’ll never forget Dan’s impersonation of Homer Simpson.


I’ll never forget how much he looked like Kublai Khan in one of his photos.


Dan has been & will always be a wonderful & caring friend.

Happy 30th Birthday, Dan!!!

May you be blessed with happiness & good health always!


10 Responses to “Homer, Kublai & Dan”

  1. Kyels Says:

    Happy Birthday to your friend Dan!

    Many happy returns to you!


    Me??? Thanks, Kyels.. but you’re a bit early aren’t you? 😛

    Happy Birthday, Dan. 🙂

  2. Happy birthday Dan! A living version of Homer??? hehehe

    LOL.. Giddy Tigress, I’ll always associate Homer with Dan. 😛

    Happy Birthday, Dan. 🙂

  3. may Says:

    Hip Hip Hooray Happy Birthday, Dan!

    Thanks for your cheers, May. 🙂

    Happy Birthday, Dan. 🙂

  4. Wennnn Says:

    Happy birthday to U , Dan!

    Thanks, Wennnn. Hope you’ve recovered from your cold. *hugs*

    Happy Birthday, Dan. 🙂

  5. angel Says:

    Happies Burpday Dan Simpson Khan! :mrgreen:

    Hahaha.. That’s a good one, Angel. 😛

    Happy Birthday, Dan. 🙂

  6. cp Says:

    happy birthday dan!!!

    wowie .. new look, i like!!!

    Thanks, Cp.. 19 days left to Christmas. 😉

    Happy Birthday, Dan. 🙂

  7. LB Says:

    Happy Birthday Dan!!!!! Happy Xanadu!!

    Hehe.. Xanadu indeed! :p
    Thanks, LB. 🙂

    Happy Birthday, Dan. 🙂

  8. Gallivanter Says:

    Wow, words fail me. I’m honored to say the least…or the most…or doh! 😛

    “Doh” it is.. 😛

    It’s my pleasure, Dan & may all your birthday wishes come true. 😀

  9. day-dreamer Says:

    Happy birthday, Dan! 😀

    Thanks, D-D. 🙂

    Happy Birthday, Dan. 🙂

  10. kyh Says:

    happy bday dan!

    kublai khan is… cute.. LOL!

    Kyh, is he cuter than Shah Rukh Khan??? 😆

    Happy Birthday, Dan. 🙂

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