Step Out

March 25, 2008


I was looking at some photos that I took when I was at the Grand Canyon a few years ago and I realized there was something out there larger than my worries.

One of these days, I want to make another trip there so that I can “toss” my worries over the side of the canyon. After that I will walk away feeling light and free.

It’s a big world out there – much larger than our worries. When we step out into the world, we can leave our worries behind, or at least see them in their true perspective.

“One small step for a man…” ~ Neil Armstrong ~


16 Responses to “Step Out”

  1. LB Says:

    wow, you’ve been to the Grand Canyon?!! *impressed* I wanted to go when I was in Las Vegas, but there wasn’t enough time, somehow!! Big regret!!

    Yes, I’ve been & I wanna go again one day. GC’s natural beauty is beyond words.
    I haven’t met anyone who’s been there & didn’t like it.
    So make sure you’ll make time to get there one day.;)

    LB, you should organise a THHC tour there one day. 😛
    I bet you’re having too much profitable time at the pokies.. hence, you didn’t make it there. hehe 😛

  2. Wennn Says:

    Waaa amazing view!! U’ve been there!! Hmmm wish I cud go too!

    You’ll get there one day, Wennnn.. BB, too. 😉

  3. _butt Says:

    I love the view, just takes my breath away… wish I could have a chance to visit GC someday 🙂

    I wana join the THHC tour!! 😀

    Have a nice day Jemima 🙂

    Let’s wait for LB to pull his socks & organise a trip there, _butt. 😛

    You have a great day too.. *hugs*

  4. trinity Says:

    Oh WOW!!! absolutely stunning! I can see a little person on the left, so little compared to the canyon!! What you wrote also beautiful, Jemima.. cast your worries away to our BIG BIG GOD, because He wants us to do so..

    take me with you when you go there someday!!

    Let’s go together on the THHC tour, Trinity. 😉

    I’m happy to know that you like this post. Thanks. 🙂

  5. angeles Says:

    No nid to go so far and “toss”… just buang into the South China Sea, kao tim!

    I’m a big big girl in a big big world…

    Ditto, Angeles. 😛

    Thanks for the serenade. 🙂

  6. iamikel Says:

    walauwei…. ok la.. we organise a tour then we go together gether BUT near near cukup la… tak dak duit…


    Boleh! Boleh! Dekat pun boleh, Iamikel! 😛

  7. Kyels Says:

    Oits, I haven’t been there … You’re making me jealous! Joke!


    Anyway, the place is beautiful, as I’ve heard. Yes, there are other worries which is larger out there.

    I doubt very much if I can ever make you jeles, Kyels. 😆

    It is beautiful.. hence, I wanna go there again. 😉

  8. Tine Says:

    What a lovely picture. I’ve always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon.

    One day perhaps 😉

    I’m sure you’ll go there one day, Tine. *hugs*

  9. Angele Says:

    I love the idea of going to the Grand Canyon and tossing the worries and the problems we hav over the side…

    Let me know when you plan to do this. I’ll definitely come with u 😛


    You’ll definitely be informed, Angele. *hugs*

  10. Che-Cheh Says:

    I dream to go there one day. 🙂

    Sometimes we’re too focus on our own worry that we thought we’re the unlucky one. We must open our mind more and see the big world.

    Start saving up & your dream will come true soon, Che-Cheh. 🙂

    I agree.. we must have an open mind & we must tell ourselves that we’re not alone. *hugs*

  11. Neo Says:

    Beautiful picture… wonder when I can go there… 🙂 some day I guess.

    Trust me, the natural beauty of GC is beyond any photos I have ever seen.

    You’ll never know, Neo.. that some day may be very near. 😉

  12. Actually, the grand canyon was formed when I got out of a lot of mud I’d been playing with and where my belly had been … well, it’s now called the Grand Canyon! 🙂

    I have a fear if I step out in to the Grand Canyon my belly will dam the thing and cause flooding further up the river!!! 🙂

    LOL.. You’re a real joker, Dabs. 😛

  13. day-dreamer Says:

    Wah, Grand Canyon!

    *hugs* for you. 😀

    Thanks, D-D. 😀

    *hugs back*

  14. stev Says:

    was reminded just again today on the need to breathe

    on the need to really breathe

    to toss one’s worries away as you so aptly put it

    funny how some days we just seem so small compared to the world & some days we seem so big, while some days we seem just right

    That’s life, Stev. 🙂

  15. x5 Says:

    sometimes…pictures & memories do makes us wonder, abt yesterday, today & tomorrow. Abt God’s creation, about us, about them…sigh!
    u gotta xcuse mua, my head kinda’ work a little sentimental today.
    dats a beautiful shot girl! 🙂

    No worries, you’re just sharing your inner feelings, my sentimental friend. 😉


  16. kat Says:

    That’s the right attitude, girl! 😀

    Thanks for the assurance, Kat. 😀

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