I think You are Wonderful!

April 9, 2008

The following story captured my heart.

It happened several years ago in a Paris Opera House. A famous singer had been contracted to sing, and ticket sales were booming. In fact, the night of the concert found the house packed and every ticket sold.

The feeling of anticipation and excitement was in the air as the house manager took the stage and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your enthusiastic support. I am afraid that due to illness, the man whom you’ve all come to hear will not be performing tonight. However, we have found a suitable substitute whom we hope will provide you with comparable entertainment.”

The crowd groaned in disappointment and failed to hear the announcer mention the stand-in’s name. The environment turned from excitement to frustration.

The stand-in performer gave the performance everything he had. When he had finished, there was nothing but an uncomfortable silence. No one applauded. Suddenly, from the balcony, a little boy stood up and shouted, “Daddy, I think you are wonderful!” The crowd broke into thunderous applause.

We all need people in our Lives who are willing to stand up once in a while and say, “I think you are wonderful”.

And at times others are expecting this from you.

Are you telling them how wonderful they are???

Say it now and make someone’s day more pleasant.

I think You are Wonderful!

15 Responses to “I think You are Wonderful!”

  1. zewt Says:

    someone somewhere out there appreciates us… we just need to know them and appreciate them in return.

    *nods in agreement with Zewt*

  2. iamikel Says:


    *hurry go accept the award*

    aiks… perasan case… muka tebal…


    Perasan? Muka Tebal?
    Nothing & no one can stop you, Iamikel. 😛

  3. LB Says:

    Yeah, that’s just so true.. We cannot see the forest for the trees sometimes. We really should make much more of an effort to appreciate others’ efforts ~ after all, we’re all in the same boat, kinda.

    Yup, LB.. & this applies to some bosses & their employees too. 🙂

  4. trinity Says:

    Thank you..thank you.. *take a bow* *blow the kisses*

    I am glad you know that I am wonderful, wonderwoman..


    Everyone is wonderful in their own way, Trinity. 🙂

  5. cheepee Says:

    thanks Jemima .. i really need this!!! *hugs hugs hugs*

    My pleasure, Cheepee.


  6. _butt Says:

    you’re wonderful too Jemima 😉

    We all are, _butt. 🙂

  7. trinity Says:

    Jemima dear, I think you are wonderwomanful!

    And this story is wonderful as well.. love it! Kids can be so encouraging indeed!

    Yep, Trinity.. I’m sure your wonderful kids have never failed to encourage you. 😉

  8. Giddy Tiger Says:

    Great story, Jem! Our loved ones will appreciate us regardless…

    I most certainly hope so, Giddy Tiger. 😉

  9. Kyels Says:

    You are indeed a wonderful person my friend.


    Thanks, Kyels. So are you. 🙂

    Btw, I really hope that I’ve not been mistaken to be fishing for compliments from everyone 😛

  10. ‘I think You are Wonderful!’

    Shhhh, that was our secret! Now rumours will get around and everyone will expect me to be wonderful all the time.

    Actually, it reminds me of the time my church gave me the award for humblest guy in church. I was so excited I put on a ‘I am Humble’ T-shirt, did three victory laps of the church and climbed the steeple and started shouting to everyone, ‘I am the HUMBLEST!!! I am the HUMBLEST!!!’. An hour later when I climbed down they informed me they’d taken my award away! 😦 So, I’ll accept this one instead! 😀

    I think You are Wonderfully Wonderful, Dabs. 😀

  11. mistipurple Says:

    you are a wonderful person, and nope, this post does not seem to be one fishing for compliments.
    i just hope that people will appreciate you more.

    Misti, I think You are Wonderful too.. 🙂

    Thanks for the assurance. *hugs*

  12. stev Says:


    good cert 😉

    Want one, Stev? 🙂

  13. zeba Says:

    thank u jamima for telling us such a nice story.and yes i think u r correct we need people 4 encouraging us and in my life i have that person.now bcoz of u i realise the value of that person .THANK YOU

  14. wow … very very nice , I’m artist subhash in India .you are wonderful and different …. thank you .

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